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Types of Kitchen Sinks – Read Before You Buy

Renovating your kitchen will increase the value of your home by a large margin. 

Investing in such a project is always recommended, no matter if you’re flipping houses or making your home more comfortable for yourself. It’s a wide known fact that renovated kitchens and bathrooms are the key selling points when the property goes out for sale. 

What parts of the kitchen are the most important? Is it all about the appliances? 

When planning their new kitchen, many often forget that a sink is something they’ll be using a lot, making it essential as much as any other appliance such as stoves and fridges.

Choosing the right one for your taste and needs might be tricky for some without knowing the types of sinks and the materials used in their production.

In this article, we will cover some of the most common types of sinks found in stores. 

Most Common Types of Sink

The easiest way you can go is by choosing the best farmhouse sink brand and “call it a day.” 

However, what’s easy is not always the best thing you can do. 

Before buying a sink, you should always take some extra time figuring out which type of sink will fit the overall kitchen design and have the best functionality.

Now, let’s see what options are out there and what are their key selling points.

Single Bowl

Just by reading the name, you could’ve probably already guessed that this is a single basin type of sink. Single bowl sinks are the best choice if your kitchen has limited space and you’re looking for some extra space for the worktop. 

Because it has fewer surfaces and corners, maintaining a single basin sink is much easier than other types on our list. If you only have space for a single bowl sink, choose the one with more depth. 

This way, you’ll avoid having water running everywhere around it when washing larger pots and trays. This type of sink is the most common one worldwide, and you can see it in many homes.

Double Bowl

Modern homes that can afford extra space have a double bowl sink that gives more flexibility while using it. They come in different varieties, and you can choose between having the same sizes of basins or one being larger than the other. 

Having two basins rather than one is suitable for handling more dirty dishes if you have a bigger family. When you have two basins, using one for scrubbing and washing and the other for rinsing will make the whole process of washing dishes faster and more effective. 


Farmhouse sinks have that old-fashion look that many like to go for when renovating their home. The farmhouse sink’s front part sticks out from the rest of the countertop and replaces one part of it. 

You can choose between a single and a double basin type, but the most common one that gives that country an old-fashion style is the single basin. However, this type of sink is a more significant investment because the installment costs are higher. 

If the price tag is not an issue and you’re going for style no matter what, the copper farmhouse sink will be something you’ll be proud of owning. 

Top Mount

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a way to reduce the costs of installment, a top mount sink is the best way to go. Installing this type of sink is very simple, and it doesn’t require any additional support system besides the support of the countertop. 

A top mount sink has a lip that will lay down on a pre-cut opening in the countertop that will be its only way of staying firm in place. 

The downside of choosing this type of sink is that dirt accumulates around this lip, and you’ll have to clean it more often compared to a much classier under-mount sink. 


As mentioned above, this type is the opposite of top mount sinks. Many people going for a stylish look prefer this type of sinks when creating a masterpiece of a kitchen. 

When choosing this type, you will have to install an additional support system beneath the sink that will hold it firmly in place. That will take additional funds from your renovation project and will need a professional for installing it. 

The only way of avoiding additional costs is by choosing the stainless steel option. This option is cheaper than other materials and doesn’t need firm support underneath because of its lightweight.


Choosing a type of sink that will fit your budget and make a huge difference when designing a modern kitchen can be challenging. 

When deciding between these types mentioned above, search the internet for ideas on how it might look in the end. 

There are many designs you can go for, and it’s all about putting them together into something you’ll be proud of showing off to your friends and family.

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