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The Meaning behind Emeralds and Why They Make a Heartfelt Christmas Gift

Knowing the meanings behind different gemstones can make all the difference when you’re looking to give a special gift. This Christmas, emeralds are the talk of the town when it comes to jewelery. So, what’s the meaning behind emeralds? And, do they make a good Christmas gift based on their meaning?

Let’s find out together. You can also read about other crystals and their benefits to our health.

The Meaning behind Emeralds

Emeralds are seen as the representatives of truth and love. They are even linked to the Roman goddess, Venus, who is the symbol of love, sex, fertility, and victory. Although it’s true that rubies are more traditionally linked to romantic love, emeralds are slowly but surely taking over. 

The green hues of emeralds link them to vitality, making their connection to love and romance stronger. Springtime is another theme common in emerald meanings, largely due to their links to vitality, new life, and their rich green colour, reminiscent of the lush new grass that sprouts in the springtime. Don’t let this put you off choosing emeralds at Christmas, however, as the depth of the greens found in emeralds is the perfect companion to any Christmas tree.

Every type of gemstone has a variety of powers, depending on who you ask. The powers that emeralds have are supposedly linked to healing. Ailments from a headache to a broken leg are apparently all healed much faster and more effectively with the use of emeralds. They’re thought to revitalise the organs, perhaps due to the richness of their coloring. Most importantly, however, is the link between emeralds and the heart. It’s said that emeralds can help heal a heart – and you have to admit that wearing one of the beautiful green stones could make you forget your heartache.

Ancient civilizations from the Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans all held emeralds in high esteem, finding great value in their beauty and abilities. It’s no surprise that emeralds are still among the most valuable gemstones around then. Their beauty and powers have truly stood the test of time.

What Makes Emeralds a Good Christmas Gift?

Christmas is the time to be close to your loved ones. This year, it seems like being close may be an unrealistic dream for many, but that doesn’t mean your loved ones can’t feel like you’re right there giving them a big hug. 

And this is where emeralds come in.

Not only are emeralds a highly valued, luxury gifts, but they’re the perfect heartfelt gift for Christmas. Emeralds of any size are a wonderful gift that’s sure to be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive them. Although they certainly do have links to romance, these links aren’t too overt, and you can gift emerald jewellery to anyone without it being a romantic gift.

Items like vintage emerald rings are excellent romantic gifts, while jewellery like bracelets and brooches are perfect for someone like a sister, mother, or best friend. The depth of colour found in emeralds makes them a regal stone to gift to someone who is the queen in your life. 

Not only are they the perfect gift to make someone feel royal, but they’re also a gemstone that suits so many different styles. Emeralds are a popular feature of modern jewellery, but they’re also commonly featured in antique and vintage styles. Art deco and art nouveau jewellery both have emeralds in many of their pieces.

Emeralds are the favored gemstones of many people, making them another great choice for making someone you love feel as special as they deserve. Even Elizabeth Taylor’s extensive jewelery collection featured a plethora of emeralds. Hollywood royalty approves, and anyone else surely would too when the stones are this beautiful.

So there you have it, emeralds are a beautiful gemstone that deserves your attention this Christmas. What type of emerald jeweery would you most like to find under the tree this year?

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