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Pongy Pooch? Here’s Why Your Dog Is So Stinky!

Pongy Pooch? Here’s Why Your Dog Is So Stinky!

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Dogs are adorable, but if you own one you’ll know they can get extremely stinky at times! If you’ve noticed a not so pleasant pong coming from your pooch, here are just a few of the potential causes.

They Need a Bath

If the smell has come on quite suddenly, it could be that your dog has rolled in something. It could have been a dead animal while you were out walking, or they could have sniffed out cat or fox feces or urine in your garden and rolled in that. It’s believed that dogs do this instinctively as their ancestors would roll in animal droppings to mask their scent and make hunting easier. Washing your dog doesn’t need to be a daily or weekly thing, but if this is the culprit of their bad smell then giving them a bath will certainly help. Be sure to use shampoo that’s specially designed for dogs, as human products can irritate their skin. Make sure they’re completely dry before going back outside especially if it’s cold. Some dogs will let you dry them with a hairdryer after a bath which makes things easier.

They Have a Yeast Overgrowth

Sometimes dogs can develop an imbalance of yeast in their bodies, leaving them feeling itchy and uncomfortable. Yeast infections also have a tell-tale scent, so if your dog smells musty, cheesy or moldy then it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right. It’s likely to be particularly strong in their ears and on their paws. Yeast imbalances can be a result of allergic reactions or immune system issues, so it’s important to have this addressed by a vet. Feeding a high-quality dog food which is free of wheat, and eliminating any snacks or table scraps that contain certain carbohydrates and sugars is likely to be recommended. Plus a topical shampoo or treatment to be applied to the skin.

They Have Dental Issues

If your dog’s smell is coming from their mouth, dental issues might be to blame. This is common in older dogs, especially those who are fed on wet food. No dogs breath is going to smell minty fresh, but if it’s particularly bad then always have it looked at. Your dog may need to be put under anesthetic so their teeth can be properly cleaned. Alternatively, your vet might suggest dog cleaning products you can use at home, as well as treats and bones which can improve their teeth.

They Have Scent Gland Problems

Dog’s anal scent glands are thought to help mark territory and communicate with other dogs. Sometimes they can become impacted and will emit an awful ‘fishy’ smell. If this is the case, their anal glands will need to be emptied. If you’re not comfortable with doing this yourself (and let’s be honest, who can blame you), a vet or experienced dog groomer will be able to take care of the problem. Some dogs are naturally prone to these blockages whereas others will never have an issue, so it’s just the luck of the draw. Good job we love our dogs so much isn’t it!

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  • Lauryn R

    These are great tips! Thank you for sharing this! 🙂 Surprisingly a lot of dog owners out there don’t know these things, or it can be hard to tell if your dog is mixed breed.

  • Sandy Weinstein

    i have 3 gals and they hate bathtime. they run and hide when i take out my grooming stuff. they cry all thru the baths. i do brush their teeth everyday and sometimes 2/day. they get waterless baths abt 1/wk til the big bath, depends on how dirty they are and if they smell. my girls are indoor dogs.

  • Sarh S

    My mom has a shitzu mix and he’s quite old. His ears reek so badly because there is hair and gunk built up in them. The groomer nor the vet can do anything for him, poor guy.

  • Melissa Storms

    We had an Australian Shepherd who had yeast problems with his skin. It was a very distinctive odor and caused him a lot of discomfort.

  • Lynne B

    Thanks for listing all these possible sources of funkiness. We had more of a problem with smell when we had a rottie. Our smaller, older dog doesn’t have these issues, except for doggie breath.

  • violet taylor

    i love this. i always just thought all dogs were stinky and didnt realize we could do anything. i have chornic disability that makes me sucsceptible to nausea with bad smells, so this is something to think on

  • Katt Lewis

    Bakardi does smell nearly as bad as she used to. I think she was allergic to Advantage (?) and when I switched her to the nexguard she doesn’t need a bath nearly as much. She also doesn’t have a hot spot on her back she was constantly itching. Love nexgard and it works more months! I’m in Florida in the country.

  • Lynne B

    I’ve never heard the word “pongy” before. lol. Luckily our dog has never been sprayed by a skunk. However my sister’s boxer has and it was miserable!

  • Jana Williams

    Thanks So Much for Sharing this Post, I Really Appreciate! My Husky Had to Be Put to Sleep a Couple of Months Ago b/c She Was Really Old & Had Horrible Arthritis & I Had Not Planned on Getting Anymore Pets b/c We Already Have 2 Cats! Well We Found a Stray Dachshund Puppy at One of Our Rental Houses & We Ended Up Adopting Him but He is a Little Stinky So We Can Use All the Help We Can Get! Thanks Again for Sharing, Have a Blessed Day! – Jana

  • Robin Creager

    For the most part my 2 smaller dogs love their baths in the kitchen sink. The warm sudsy massages over their bodies..well, they’re just in heaven. They smell so much better afterwards!

  • Brigid OHara Koshko

    My puppy is now 16 years old and it is getting harder to give her a bath. I have found pet wipes that work well in between baths, but nothing beats a nice bath to get rid of those odors.

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