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Nine Working from Home Options

Despite everything from legislation changes to business regulations, the simple truth is that the commercial property market is still full of a backlog of less than disabled-friendly properties. Many users of wheelchairs, crutches, and other mobility aids still feel shut out from large swathes of the job market, so until market conditions improve, other options will need to be pursued.

Fortunately, in the 30th year of the World Wide Web, we are lucky enough to be furnished with a plethora of roles that can be done without leaving the comfort of your well converted and accessible home. It used to be that working online from home was very niche, but the diversity of these nine roles proves that is very much no longer the case. You can also get telecommuting auto insurance if you work from home.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs from home is a popular choice as so many companies need the information they gather in a wide variety of ways properly organized. By correctly arranging every last row, column, and pivot table, a company can learn everything from who their main customer base is, to which of their products is the most efficient at its task. An understanding of spreadsheets will be essential, but these skills can also be acquired online. Ideal for anyone with a mathematical and logically inclined mind.

Virtual Assistant

The ability to organise and keep track of a swirl of events, arrangements, options, and occasions is essential in the modern fast-paced work environment. Thanks to innovations like email, smartphones, and a plethora of shared calendar apps, all this can be done at a distance. Perfect for anyone good at organising and possessing a clear and authoritative telephone manner.


This is a role with so many applications it’s almost not worth listening. If you can speak, read, write, and listen in English and almost any other world language you can become a valuable cog in some company’s economic engine, no matter how far from them you live. Can you write fridge manuals in French? Boardgame instructions in Bavarian German? Relocations orders in Russian? Cake recipes in Chinese? All these and more could be a role that needs no more movement than hands on a keyboard.

Social Media Manager

Every business worth its salt in the modern economy needs some kind of social media presence. The exact marketing angle and strategic directions may vary, but when you google a company and you find their last Facebook post was over 18 months previously, that hardly inspires anyone with confidence. Staying on top of twitter, eying up Instagram, and setting the parameters that a company should be using Snapchat in are all essential home-based skills that a wide variety of companies will pay good money for.

Call Centre Agents

If you can make a good phone call, keep your cool when the pressure is on, and have a knack for finding quick and innovative solutions to complicated problems, working in a call centre could be just where you need to go. There are so many different industries with so many different issues that just need a clear mind and a determined spirit to solve. Whether it is being a technical assistant for an internet service provider, a telephone banking teller for a major high street chain, or a visitor centre advisor for a company that looks after a network of art galleries and libraries, if you can talk clearly and explain expertly, a call centre agent job could be the role for you.

Travel Agent

So much of the role of a travel agent is now conducted down the phone, over the internet, or across emails, so you do not need to find yourself in an office or high street storefront to be able to perform all the associated tasks. Not only do the big companies need your help, but with the right experience and know-how, you could take on the role yourself. In the US 16% of all travel agents are self-employed, and the market is not significantly different in the UK. Make the deals, find the locations, and you can really jet-set yourself to home-based financial stability


Many different sectors of the economy employ an army of people whose primary role is to turn audio content into written text. From medical practitioners to journalists to lawyers to local governments and corporate boards. Accuracy and speed are crucial, as so much of this content is the bread and butter of how these companies operate. If you can listen clearly and type furiously, your talents could be put to good use in the comfort of your own home.

Web Developer

If everyone needs a social media outlet, everyone and their dog needs a website. With the vast variety of platforms, languages, and techniques now involved in making a professional-looking modern website, becoming a niche specialist is a sure-fire way to become valuable to a wide variety of companies both big and small. Whether you jive in Java, perform in Python, fly in Flash, or excel in Excel, companies needing web expertise will be able to use you.


Blogging is very much a self-employed endeavour. Many people who do it do so only for the passion of the project and do not end up making any money from it. If you do want to go down this route, know that it can take a lot of effort, and a long time before any fruitful results can be found. But if you do, you can be your own boss, grow your own business, set your own schedule, and do so regularly all from the comfort of your own home. While many bloggers like to use services and websites like this one to find their own office when they get professional, that is entirely optional. The freedom and self-directed nature of blogging is perhaps its biggest draw and its best reward.

However, you want to make your living in the serendipitous space of the world wide web, know that the limitations of building access are very much a thing of the past. As technology gets better and society’s needs get ever more complex, when it comes for employment options for those with limited mobility, there is more choice than ever.

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