How To Take Better Care of Your Teeth

If you think brushing twice a day is enough to protect your pearly whites, then think again. As you get older it becomes ever more important to take good care of your teeth. Think of it as an investment: if you don’t make dental care a priority now, you’ll end up forking out a hefty sum to fix your smile in a few years time. 

Here’s how to take better care of your teeth to ensure your teeth stay gleaming for years to come. 

Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your teeth. Not only does it stain them yellow over time, it interrupts saliva flow which increases plaque build up. Smokers are also three times more likely to develop gum disease than non-smokers, and their gums bleed more easily. 

If you smoke, ditching the cigarettes is the best way to improve your oral health. 

Cut down on fizzy drinks 

Fizzy drinks can be hard to resist but they’re terrible for your teeth and should only be enjoyed occasionally. Drinking sugary drinks can contribute to tooth decay but diet options aren’t much better, as the high levels of acid can cause enamel to erode. 

As well as this, dyes can stain teeth and cause them to look yellow. 

It is often children in particular who have trouble with avoiding fizzy drinks. If your child is in that situation and you want to make sure they stop, there are a couple of things you can do. First of all, encourage them to cut down their fizzy drink intake at home. You can then also book them in with a caring family dentist, who will likely encourage them even further. That will help to save their teeth and stop them developing problems before they have even got anywhere.


It’s easy to skip flossing, but it’s an all-important part of dental hygiene and should not be overlooked. Flossing removes plaque and bacteria from your teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Try to work flossing into your bedtime routine and it’ll become second nature before you know it. 


Mouthwash prevents gingivitis and tooth decay, as well as giving you minty fresh breath, so there’s no excuse not to use it every time you brush. Make sure that you swill it around in your mouth for a full thirty seconds in order to get maximum results. 

Go to the dentist regularly 

It’s important to go to the dentist regularly in order to identify any problems as soon as they appear. The longer an issue goes untreated, the worse it becomes – and it might even lead to irreparable damage. You should visit the dentist every six months for a check-up. It’s important to go to the Dentist in Avon Lake regularly in order to identify any problems as soon as they appear.

Choose a private dentist 

Choosing private dentistry is an excellent way to ensure your teeth receive the best possible treatment. Private dentists tend to have a wider range of treatments on offer and tend to have better availability and a more flexible schedule, so you don’t have to take time off of work to go to an appointment. Richmond Dental Practice is excellent with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Oil pulling 

Oil pulling is an ancient remedy said to give you a whiter smile. Take a teaspoon of extra virgin coconut oil and swill it around in your mouth for ten to fifteen minutes once per day. The lauric acid in coconut oil can help combat oral bacteria and strengthen your teeth. This is a great technique for those looking for an organic alternative to mouthwash.