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A Guide to a Stress-Free First Vacation with a Baby

A first family vacation with a baby or toddler is exciting, as it will provide many opportunities to make new memories, snap cute photos, and introduce your child to new experiences.

Yet, the items you take (or don’t take) will determine your stress, comfort, and happiness during a getaway. Ensure you look back on the experience with fondness. Read this guide to a stress-free first vacation with a baby.

Pick a Family-Friendly Hotel

Your accommodation should make your vacation more enjoyable and less stressful; however, they aren’t all created equal. If you want to maximize fun during a break, it is vital to pick a family-friendly hotel or resort. 

If in doubt, the hotel or resort should feature many of the following amenities and services:

*A crib

*Spacious rooms

*Gradual entry pools

*Child-friendly meals

*Highchairs or booster seats at the on-site restaurants

*Babysitting services

*A kids’ club

*Children’s activities

*In-room entertainment

Pack the Correct Baby Clothing

It is essential to pack the same number of outfits your baby would use at home for your vacation length. Also, you must bring weather-appropriate clothing for your little one. 

If you’re visiting a hot destination, you must pack:

*A sun hat


*A lightweight jacket


*T-shirt and shorts

Also, don’t forget to take outfits for an al fresco lunch or dinner, such as summer smocked dresses for babies. It will ensure your baby appears well-presented and feels comfortable during hot or warm weather.

Visit a Travel Health Clinic

Many countries have medical advisories you must learn about before a vacation; otherwise, you or your family might risk contracting an infectious disease, such as malaria, dengue, or the Zika virus. 

Protect yourself and your loved ones by visiting a travel health clinic at least six weeks before a getaway and bring along each person’s immunization records. You, your partner, or your child may need an immunization or specific medications.

Take a First Aid Kit

Children are susceptible to illness, accidents, and high temperatures, even on vacation. Keep them safe and healthy by adding a comprehensive first aid kit into your suitcase. Essential first aid items for babies and toddlers include:

*Baby wipes


*Saline drops

*Chest rub

*Nasal aspirator

*Infant acetaminophen

*Bandages and band-aids


*Antiseptic wipes

*Sterile gauze dressings

*A cold pack for bumps

*Adhesive tape

Bring Baby Toys

Prevent your baby or toddler from feeling bored by bringing some toys with you on vacation. The fun items will keep them entertained during dinner at a restaurant or when relaxing in your hotel or resort. Take a mix of their favorite toys and a few new ones, which will keep them occupied throughout the day.

Choose a Lightweight Travel Stroller

A lightweight travel stroller will make your vacation feel less stressful. The portable design will allow you to pick it up and store it away with ease at your hotel, and you won’t need to battle with a heavy stroller at baggage claim. Also, it can serve as a restaurant highchair, a nap-time spot, or a much-needed diaper-changing area.