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My Savvy Review Of The SunnyBay Weighted Microwave Heating Pad For Shoulders

If you visit my blog often, then you know I love natural remedies for any ailments that I may have versus using medications and pain relievers. We all know that natural remedies are just better for you as you are not putting anything into your body. This is why I have been looking for the perfect natural remedy to help with the endless pains that I have in my neck and shoulders. I have issue with my neck because of the work I do. As a full time blogger and social media influencer, I find myself working at a desk for long hours each day looking at a computer, tablet and smartphone. This is why I jumped at the chance to work with SunnyBay to give their Weighted Microwave Heating Pad For Shoulders a try. It provides the soothing relief I need via the moist heat it provides without the use of medications or pain killers and the best part… it works perfectly! Let’s take a look at the many reasons I am loving this natural remedy from SunnyBay.

SunnyBay Heating Pad

The SunnyBay Weighted Microwave Heating Pad For Shoulders provides immediate pain relief as well as deep muscle relaxation. This heating pad is perfect for so many things….think injuries, migraines, tension, arthritis, sore muscles, headaches and the best part… it has a plush feel so it is super comfortable to wear too.

The SunnyBay Microwaveable Heating Pad provides both Heat Therapy and Cool Therapy. The weighted microwave heating pad can be warmed up in the microwave a minute at a time until it’s the perfect heated temperature for your needs plus it is perfection for shoulder and rotator cuff pain like my husband suffers from.

I suffer from a stiff and painful neck after working a long day at my desk and this microwaveable heating pad is the perfect remedy. I can wear it while I am working or while reading a book too which I love due to the elastic band that allows me to tie the wrap securely around my neck. I also have to stress that it stays warm for a long time too and it does not just provide heat to our sore muscles but rather it provides moist heat which provides healthy, mobilizing circulation to help heal your ailments.

SunnyBay Heating Pad

This wonderful microwaveable heating pad is also amazing when used frozen. Simply put the pad into your freezer… I put it in a brown paper bag before putting it into the freezer and within an hour or so… you can use this heating pad as a cold pack to relieve sore joints. I love that it can be used in multiple ways.

SunnyBay Heating Pad

This fabulous microwaveable heating pad contains flax seeds that provide the cooling and warming affects that you are looking for. This heating pad is made with a plush material that is soft and durable to help you relax after a long hard days work.

SunnyBay Heating Pad

The SunnyBay Microwave Heating Pad for the Shoulder is super easy to put on as well… unlike other complicated and painful shoulder braces. I absolutely love that it has an elastic band that holds the ends of the heating pad together so that you can wear it anywhere and all while staying in place.

SunnyBay Heating Pad

So what do you think of the SunnyBay Microwave Heating Pad for the Shoulders??? Are you looking for natural relief for the aches and pains that you suffer from time to time like I am? Well you have to check out SunnyBay and their fabulous line of microwaveable heating pads that provide cool and heat relief. It is the perfect way to let your stress and tension melt away and this fabulous moist heating pad provides you with a relaxing, spa-like experience. I absolutely love that it is made in the USA and it truly makes the perfect gift too for yourself or anyone on your gift giving list. Make sure you check out SunnyBay on their website, Amazon and visit their social channels too!



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