Under the Barnyard Light
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Tune In And Listen to Under The Barnyard Light at the Gona’s Reading Ranch You Tube Channel

With summer here and the kiddos out of school… it is the perfect time to keep the kids busy with summer activities and events. This is the time of year that we create those family memories and more with trips to the beach, the lake, parks and even places like our local Aquarium and the zoo. With all of that fun… learning and reading can take a back seat but I always make it a point to keep my kids reading all summer long as it keeps their minds active. I am always stocking my kids bookshelves with fabulous children’s books so that they always have something new to read and of course… they have their favorites that they like to read again and again. My god daughter Scarlet likes to read Under The Barnyard Light from author Carla Crane Osborne all of the time as she love animals of all kinds…especially horses. For this reason I had to share the Gona’s Reading Ranch You Tube Channel by author Carla Crane Osborne with you all as Scarlet and I just tuned in and listed to the story read aloud and she loved every minute of it.

Under the Barnyard Light

Now you may be wondering what is Gona’s Reading Ranch? Well…. Gona’s Reading Ranch is a you tube channel created by author Carla Crane Osborne. Your child can visit Gona’s Reading Ranch and dive into a world of imagination, learning, and fun. Here on the Ranch, your child can listen in and read along with the author as you are immersed into the creative world of storytelling. My little Scarlet just loves it and so do I.

Under the Barnyard Light

My god daughter Scarlet especially loves that Carla reads her book… Under the Barnyard Light which is one of my god daughters favorite books at the Gona’s Reading Ranch You Tube Channel. You may have seen the review I did for this amazing children’s book earlier this year and you can find this fabulous book on Amazon and on the shelves at The Well-Read Moose in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho! This wonderful book will transport your child to the family farm and will allow them to envision themselves going on their own Under The Barnyard Light adventure.

Under the Barnyard Light

Under the Barnyard Light is a beautiful children’s book written by author Carla Crane Osbourne and illustrated by Brandon Dorman. It is all about the story of a girl who even in the dark of the winter, has to still take care of her barnyard animals. She feeds the cows, the calves and her favorite Dandy the horse. It is a story about the magical world of a young girl on a farm full of small wonders and she completes her chores by feeding warm milk to the calves, catching snowflakes on her tongue and even kissing Dandy the horse good night.

About the Author

Carla Crane Osborne grew up on her family’s farm in southern Idaho, where she helped tend cattle and sheep, rode horses, and had grand adventures. Carla wrote Under the Barnyard Light so that children can experience some of the magic she knew growing up on a farm.
Under the Barnyard Light

So what do you think of Under the Barnyard Light and the Gona’s Reading Ranch You Tube Channel? Are you also on the hunt for the perfect Children’s Books to keep your child reading all summer long? I love encouraging my kids to foster a love of reading. Look no further than Under the Barnyard Light by author Carla Crane Osbourne and if you think Under the Barnyard Light is amazing like Scarlet and I do… then be on the lookout for a new series by author Carle Crane Osborne entitled Go Gona GoThe next book Pony Express is scheduled to be released in April. Stay tuned for more!

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