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Savvy Money Saving Tips

Save On Household Cleaning Products

Clean your home using vinegar instead of other costly cleaning products as white vinegar is cheap and effective. It is also healthier and environmentally friendly than cleaning products that have chemicals.

Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda): Bicarbonate of soda is also a cheap cleaning agent that you can use instead of expensive cleaning products. You can use it to scrub pans and remove organic stains such as food residue from surfaces. It can also deal with different home cleaning problems like deodorizing your fridge. 

Those who run a dishwasher should ensure that it is full before using it and use half a dishwasher tablet for every wash. If your dishwasher only has coffee mugs, drinking mugs, and dinner plates, then a whole dishwasher won’t be needed to clean them.

Using supermarket own-brand cola can be a cheaper way to clean your toilet by removing lime scale build-up as it is as effective as expensive toilet cleaners. The phosphorous and citric acid in the cola cleans your toilet by fizzing off limescale buildup. 

Save More Energy

Some electrical goods are ‘vampire devices’. These are electrical goods that when left on standby mode continue to consume energy even when they are not being used. Estimates show that an average household can save between 50 and 90 pounds annually by switching off ‘vampire devices’ at the plug socket instead of leaving them on standby.

When you are not in a room, it is good to turn off the lights in that room. This will help reduce your electricity bills. Also, turn down the thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees. This may be hardly noticed but can help you save a lot on heating costs. Layering the clothes you wear at home and sleeping 30 minutes earlier can help reduce your energy bills. Boiler care will ensure that your heating is running at its most efficient.

Even though heating bills tend to be lower during the summer months, it may be a good idea to consider topping up your energy account from time to time before the energy prices increase. This can help you reduce energy bills during the winter months. 

Saving on Water

Reducing water wastage is also a good way to live sustainably. Do you have a water meter? If the answer is a big yes, you can save more water and reduce your water bill by using some water-saving devices.

Whenever you flush your loo, the water meter’s reading will change and you will pay for the water used in the loo. You can reduce this cost by using water-saving devices. Even though the flush works based on the force of the water to get rid of waste instead of the amount of water, these devices are bags filled with water to maintain the level of the water in the cistern. 

Instead of buying a purpose-built device for your toilet, just fill an old 500-millimetre cola bottle with water and put it in your toilet cistern. With this, your toilet will flush with the same force but use less water to do so.

Taking a shower is usually cheaper than taking a bath. If you put the plug in while showering, you can use the soapy water from your shower to clean your bath or shower tray afterward to help you save more water.

Supermarket Savings

If you want a bargain, consider shopping in a supermarket late at night. This is because most of the supermarkets put out reduced items for sale in the evening. As such, you will get reduced items on offer later at night or early morning.

Shop on a Full Stomach

Shopping for food when you are hungry will make you overspend as you will most likely buy expensive junk food and sugary treats to eat. Make a shopping list of your essentials and eat before you go shopping. Also, don’t forget to stick to your shopping list.

Use money-off coupons both online and offline. Sign up to free supermarket rewards schemes. 

Have a Clothes Swapping Party

Why should your clothes sit in your wardrobes when you can swap them with your friends? Make a fun night of this swapping and share some snacks and a bottle of wine while trying on clothes and putting on a fashion show. Add accessories like jewelry, handbags, scarves, and belts to the mix. Adding a fun scarf to an old jacket can give the jacket a new lease of life and is something to try.