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My Savvy Review Of Nourished ~ Personalized 3D Printed Vitamins #GetStack3d

If you visit Deliciously Savvy often, then you know that I am all about living a healthy and clean lifestyle. I had a health scare five years ago that led me to change my lifestyle and the lifestyle of my family for the better. Think about it… what we eat and intake each and every day affects how our body works and feels and for me it is about intaking the best in foods and supplements to help me to feel my very best as I grow older and these are the reasons that I jumped at the chance to work with Nourished. Nourished creates personalized vitamins that are tailor made to suit your individual needs and all in a delicious gummy. They believe in tailor-made nutrition that is 100% vegan, eco-friendly and amazingly delicious and I have to tell you that this daily gummy is yummy and loaded with everything I need to get me powered through my day. Let’s take a look at why these Nourished Personalized 3D Printed Vitamins are the perfect choice for me and it all starts with their 2 Minute Quiz.

In order to get my first batch of Nourished Personalized 3D Printed Vitamins, I had to take their 2 minute quiz which was fun to take and it ensured I was getting everything that I wanted in my Nourished Vitamin Stack. The quiz is easy to take and simply asks a few questions to get to know you such as your name, sex, age and more followed by questions to get an idea of how you feel on a regular basis…. do you feel tired?, are you active and if so what type of activities do you do?, do you have sleepless nights?, how much time so you spend on your devices?, do you follow a specific diet? etc. Nourished then uses this information to help suggest supplements to be added to your Nourished Personalized Vitamins which I absolutely love. There are even questions on the quiz asking how often you consume processed foods, fruits & veggies, alcohol and also if you currently take vitamins or wear glasses or contacts plus questions to see if you currently suffer from specific ailments such as Long Covid, Ashthma, ADHD, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism and more just to name a few. ONCE you answer these questions on the quiz, it asks about your top two priorities for the upcoming months and for me it was that I want More Energy and I want better Gut Health & Digestion. That’s it….. the only thing left to decide is what flavor you want your Nourished Vitamins to be and I chose my favorite flavor which is Peach. How Cool is that!? The end result is a personalized, delicious gummy vitamin stack that’s built to suit my health and wellness needs and all in a delicious gummy form that is flavored for me!

That is pretty cool right!? You take the quiz and now you have your own personalized vitamin to take each day and the best part is that Nourished will deliver your Personalized Vitamins every 28 days so you never run out. Each Premium Personalized Gummy (or Stack) holds 7 different vitamins and nourishments in one sugar-free delicious gummy which eliminates the need to have to take multiple daily vitamins and supplements. I also love that Nourished wraps each Nourished Personalized Stack that they create for you so that you can take it with you on the go.

I also love that Nourished Personalized 3D Vitamins are…….

*99.5% efficacy ~ Tried & tested, fresh 3D printed nutrients.

*Eco-friendly ~ Plastic free wrapping & fully compostable.

*Plant based ~ 100% vegan and contains no nasties.

*Convenient ~ Delivered to your door every 28 days.

*Sugar free ~ Natural alternative is so much better.

*3D printed ~ Ground-breaking, patented technology.

Check out how cool this Premium Personalized Gummy looks! It is pretty cool looking and not only that it is a sure way to get the adults and the kiddos taking their own personalized vitamins as they are super yummy too. Nourished creates Personalized Vitamins for adults and also for the kids.

So what do you think of Nourished Personalized 3D Printed Vitamins?! I am loving them and there folks at Nourished believe that if anything in the world should be personalized; it should be our health and wellness. This is why the passionate and dedicated team at Nourished are devoted to making truly tailor-made nutrition that is also 100% vegan, eco-friendly, and delicious. It all starts with taking the short quiz about your lifestyle and goals and then the Nourished algorithm suggests a delicious sugar-free and vegan gummy nutrient curated with 7 different nourishments that are perfection for you and your health and wellness needs. It does not get any better than that so get your Nourished Personalized Vitamin Gummies today! Right now you can GET 40% OFF Your 1st Monthly Box With CODE: NOURISH40 at the checkout!

Deliciously Savvy received product and/or compensation in exchange for an honest and unbiased review post and all opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for stopping by and enter a giveaway or tow before you leave!


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