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My Savvy Review of the Laika Pet Water Fountain

It is no secret that I love my furry family members and I am a bit obsessed with my cat Shadow and my rescue pup…. Chewy the Chihuahua. I am always on the hunt for the newest in pet products to help them live their happiest and healthiest lives which is why I jumped at the chance to work with Laika pets to give their fabulous looking Laika Pet Water Fountain a try. It is crucial to ensure you cat is hydrated and has plenty of drinking water at all times and since my cat Shadow really only eats dry kibble versus wet foods as they are not good for his teeth…. it is really important for me to make sure he pretty much has an endless supply of water to drink anytime that he wants. The Laika Pet Water Fountain is the perfect water source for him as it does just that… provides lots of clean drinking water all day long while I am out and about and throughout the night too. Let’s take a look at this fabulous fountain that is perfect for both cats and dogs.

Laika Pet

I have tried other water fountains for my pets but they were nothing compared to this Laika Pet Water Fountain. This is a beautiful fountain and all of the features make it a must have for every household with furry family members. It starts off with being perfectly built to make cleaning a breeze and one of the biggest things that makes this fountain different than any other I have tried… is how quiet the unit is. I cannot even hear it running at all… which means everything to me as the last water fountain I had was so noisy… even when it was full of water. I also love the design as it makes it easy to clean with the water tank being designed with no dead corners and so that there are no tools needed to disassemble the unit to clean it. Just remove the top of the unit and take out the tank, rinse, dry and refill!

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The one feature that really sold me on the Laika Pet Water Fountain versus others is the Quadruple Filtration System and built in UV Germicidal Light. The water pump is equipped with a mesh to quadruple the filter power of this unit which means it will block hair, dirt and debris which ensures that your pet is drinking the cleanest water possible. Add to that the fabulous built in UV Germicidal Light that is inside and the water is thoroughly cleaned. This light will come on for 30 minutes every four hours to ensure the water is clean and that is something that I love!

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As I stated above… I love the large capacity of the water tank in this water fountain too. The water tank holds 91 ounces or 2.7 liters which is perfection for pets of all sizes to drink from for long periods of time… up to 7 days. It is made of high quality ABS material and it is BPA-free, durable, safe and easy to operate and clean.

Laika Pets

Laika Pet

I also love that the Laika Pet Water Fountain come with 2 modes to suit your pets drinking water needs and the constant water circulation helps to prevent bacteria growth which keeps your pets drinking water fresh and clean. You can choose to use Normal Circulation Mode or their Eco-Friendly Circulation Mode.

*Normal Circulation Mode: The water flows throughout the day and the UV lamp works for 30 minutes every four hours which is suitable for puppies and cats that need lots of water. This is my mode of choice as my cat and dog drink all day long.

*Eco-Friendly Circulation Mode: On the eco friendly circulation mode…the water flows 1 minute at intervals of 5 minutes, and the lamp works for 15 minutes every four hours. This mode will save you 50% in energy savings and it is perfect for pets that need less water.

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I also love that the unit comes with a smart reminder light system plus auto power-off modes. The automatic pet water fountain smart indicator light will turn red to remind you to add water when it gets low and it will also let you know when the filter needs changing. The pump is also designed to turn off automatically when the water level gets too low too and I have to mention at how quiet this water fountain is compared to previous versions I have used. It is ultra quiet!

So what do you think of the Laika Pet Water Fountain? Do you have furry family members in your household like I do? If you do… this is a must for you and your furry family members as it works beautifully and provides fresh and clean drinking water 24 hours a day. It is the perfect gift for your pet this Holiday Season too so make sure to stop by Laika Pets and check out their entire selection of products designed for you furry family members today and visit them on social media too!



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