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Drinking Or Chewing Calories? What Is Better?

Drinking Or Chewing Calories? What Is Better?

It is quite challenging for many to find the right time to eat or to simply find time to eat in the first place. It does not matter if you are a professional athlete, a young professional, a parent, a bodybuilder or a student. You will quickly figure out that there is not enough time to physically prepare all the meals that your body needs. Paul Gravette highlights the fact that one of the biggest problems that people have at the moment with nutrition is that they cannot eat 6 to 7 times per day. This is important for taking in calories at the right time.


Drinking calories is not a new concept. Protein shakes have been around for a really long time. In fact, there are so many different calorie options that are available for those that are short on time. This includes shakes, smoothies, protein shakes and meal replacements. Getting the caloric needs of the body is nowadays attainable and you do want to seriously consider all the replacements as opposed to really bad food like what you get at the fast food joint.

The problem with the drinkable calories is the fact that they are not going to offer the exact same nutrients and benefits of a regular meal, right? Wrong! In reality, the replacements are going to offer the exact same nutrients and benefits as with everything else that you would consume through the right channels. What is vital at the end of the day is to make the very best choice.


Every single nutritionist out there will tell you that you need to have the cooked dinners as the main source of calories. That is because when you have a diet that is mainly built with liquids, huge digestive problems are going to appear. It is a certainty that your body is going to eventually crumble. Solid food is necessary for the body. The only alternative when this would not be the case is when you get vitamins and minerals through an IV line.

The calories that you drink need to step in to offer the extras that you cannot get from the cooked meals. At the same time, you can use them before and after you work out in order to offer the key nutrients that will help you to reach your goals. When you take this approach there is a certainty that you are going to be able to have a good nutrition plan set up that is to include everything necessary at the right time. In sports of any kind timing is the key with nutrition.


On the whole we can say that from a strict caloric point of view the drinkable options are those that you want to always take into account. However, this does not mean that solid foods should be replaced. In fact, this would be the worst decision you would ever make in regards to your nutrition. Always be careful about everything and do be sure that you calculate your intake as accurately as possible.


  • Deb E

    I have been blending my veggies all last week since my TMJ is acting up again, and I have to say, it really fills me up and I can just add protein powder, chia seeds, whatever. I love my blender too, so that helps–easy use and clean up.

  • Susan S

    I never really thought about any of this before. I have been doing smoothies to help me better absorb nutrients though.

  • Rosie

    When I have a smoothie whether as a starter or as a dessert, I try to remember to have something chewable, too, as it is also more satisfying, and good for you.

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