benefits of plantation shutters
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Outstanding Benefits of Plantation Shutters

Window shutters have been popular ever since ancient Greeks first used them. They enjoyed immense popularity in the Mediterranean before making their way to Southern America. However, in Australia, window shutters were introduced by the early settlers.  

Plantation shutters are a type of window installments. Besides being functional, they are alluring and exquisite looking. They enhance the decor of the room almost immediately.  

If you wish to know more about shutters for your home, here are some incredible benefits of having plantation shutters. 

Easy to Maintain 

Shutters need significantly less maintenance, unlike curtains or Venetian blinds. Curtains require regular washing and ironing, and blinds always seem to have dust on them. But with shutters, you only have to wipe the slats from top to bottom with a damp cloth once a week. It is that simple.  

Shutters are also famous for their longevity factor. The high-quality ones will easily last for 25 years. And if the slats require replacement, it can be done easily and quickly. 

Energy Efficient 

It is difficult to think of any window treatment that is as energy efficient as the shutters. Shutters are installed right against the window frame. What that does is prevent the inside air from escaping or outside air from entering. During the hotter months, your house remains comfortable. And in the colder months, the home stays warm and cozy. This also means that your electricity bills will be low since there will be less consumption of energy. 

Suitable for people with allergies 

If you, your pet or any of your family members suffer from any allergies, asthma, or other medical conditions, shutters are the way to go. These types of window dressings do not attract dust or other objects easily. On the contrary, curtains tend to attract a lot of dust, pollen, and other foreign materials with time which can be challenging to remove.  

Provides an element of security 

Robbers can easily break even the most rigid glass. But shutters on your windows can deter the robbers. The sound of the wood when they try to break it can be heard by everybody inside the house.  

However, if aesthetics is your priority, then go for aluminium metal shutters instead of wooden ones. They come with key-operated locks and locking bolts at the top and bottom of the structure. Moreover, there are options to choose from like hinged, bi-fold and bypass shutters. If you want to keep your windows open while enjoying security, these are a must-have. 

Raises the real estate value of your home 

According to real estate experts, adding these solid and sturdy window dressings can increase your home’s value immediately. From the time they are installed on the window opening, they become a permanent fixture. Meaning you cannot carry them when you sell your house. So shutters become an asset. They also have a great first impression on the buyers.  

Privacy and Noise Cancelation 

You should consider shutters if you love your privacy. The problem with windows is that once you open them, all elements of privacy are removed. In the case of shutters, there are slats that you can adjust as per your requirement at any time of the day. And shutters made from thick, hard quality wood also block external noise to a certain extent.  

Thus, there are so many benefits of having plantation shutters. From style to function, they offer advantages that hardly any other type of window dressings can.  

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