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My Savvy Review Of Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles @SMGurusNetwork @ThamesAndKosmos

My Savvy Review Of Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles @SMGurusNetwork @ThamesAndKosmos

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Growing up as a kid, I always loved math and all things science so naturally I loved educational toys that are fun to play with but that are also educational. With that said I could not imagine having some of the awesome, educational toys that they have available today…. such as the Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles from Thames and Kosmos. This is an awesome educational set for sure and I know that my daughter will just love it as she takes after me and loves science as well as playing with educational toys. This one will keep her busy for hours and hours and honestly it is ever changeable so that she can always keep herself busy building and creating different types vehicles. Once she has mastered building the 8 motorized vehicles that the set comes with, she can create her own vehicle designs which is awesome. With the Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles you can help your kids to take STEM for a spin and make learning fun!

Check out this video that explains all that you can do with the Thames and Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles and why I was super excited to get this for my kids:

You can see that the Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles is an awesome Robotics set for sure. It is no secret that Robotics is a vast, thrilling, and sometimes overwhelming interdisciplinary field involving physics, engineering, and computer science. But do not let that scare you as this kit gives kids a simple, fun, and customizable introduction to robotics that lets them build eight motorized machines controlled by programs and an ultrasound sensor.

Kids code the programs using an easy, visual programming app on a tablet or smartphone, which connects to the robot models via a wireless Bluetooth connection. The ultrasonic sensor works on the same principle as sonar. It sends out sound waves, which bounce off objects. The sensor interprets the echoes returning to it, and from this detects objects in the path of the sensor. Using the app interface, you can program the robots you build to behave based on the feedback coming from the ultrasound sensor.

You can build a shy turtle robot that drives around and quickly avoids obstacles in its path. The friendly rover bot model first looks around for your hand and, once detected, moves toward it and follows it around. Construct an awesome desert explorer robot with wheels on legs; first it drives around, but when it detects an object in its range, it starts “walking” slowly toward it. Experiment with altering the program of your cute dancing robot so that the robot dances to the beat of a song you play for it. Set up an obstacle course and watch the scout rover use its ultrasonic sensor to navigate around the obstacles. A cool helicopter model spins its rotors and then raises its landing gear when you lift it off the tabletop. You can also assemble other fun robots including a dozer bot with a bulldozer blade and a scorpion robot with a stinger tail. After you have learned how the technology works, you can build and program your own robots using the kit’s 233 building pieces.

There is a fabulous full-color, 64-page step-by-step illustrated manual that helps with assembling all of the models and teaches about robotics in the real world. The visual programming language allows you to command the robots’ motors to move at different times, different power levels, in different directions, and in response to the data from the sensor. This set requires a tablet or smartphone running iOS (iPhone 4S or later, iPad 3 or later, iPod 5 or later) or Android (Android 4.3 or later on a device with Bluetooth 4.0 support). You can download the app available at the App Store & Google Play.

What is there not to like about this amazing kit? This is the perfect gift for any kid, ages 8 to 14, that loves building and creating and this is perfect for inspiring young people to love science and robotics. With this amazing kit your child will be able to program and control 8 robots with their tablet or smartphone plus once those 8 models are mastered they can build and create their own designs with their new found robotics and coding knowledge. 


About Thames & Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos was founded in 2001 by a science museum director and her son, who saw the great need and demand for better science education materials plus the resources for parents and their children that are more engaging, more effective, more relevant, and more fun.

Thames & Kosmos operates as the exclusive arm of parent company, Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG — Kosmos for short — based in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded in 1822, Kosmos operated solely as a book publisher until the 1920s, when the company published its first science kits aimed at explaining the world of science to children and young adults by bringing it to life with hands-on experiments. Generations of European children have discovered their enthusiasm for science through Kosmos science kits. Since 2001, Thames & Kosmos and Kosmos have teamed up to develop science kits for children in the United States and other English speaking markets around the world. These are the best science kits that I have seen hands down and your kids will love them.


So what do you think of the Thames & Kosmos Robotics Smart Machines: Rovers & Vehicles STEM building kit? Do you know a kid that this would be the perfect gift for? Make sure you check out the Thames & Kosmos website to see all of the varieties of educational toys that they have to offer as they are all so amazing. As always, thank you for stopping by Deliciously Savvy today and leave some comment love or enter a giveaway while you are here. I always love hearing from you all!



  • MD Kennedy

    What a super fun way to get kids interested in coding and engineering without their really knowing it! Quite a step up from Lincoln Logs!

  • Farrah Shumway

    This looks so cool! My son would absolutely love this. He’s 8 & wants to be an engineer when he grows up ❤️. Thank you for your review.

  • Karen Propes

    This would be great for my Granddaughter. She is in the Robot Club at her School (STEM). This would be a welcome addition to helping her learn about robots.

  • Karen Propes

    My Granddaughter would love this. She is in the Robot Club at her school (STEM). She would welcome any information to help learn how robots work.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I love how this kit lets you build 8 different machines. I always like activities that are both fun and instructional.

  • Mary Songer

    Kits like these make great gifts. They encourage an interest in science and new ways of thinking. I know lots of kids that would love them.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    These are so nice. I love educational play for my grandchildren. Christmas is coming soon and this would be a great gift idea. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Tamra Phelps

    My nephews would really enjoy this. They love this kind of stuff. I’ve bought from Thames & Kosmos before and been impressed by the quality.

  • Lynne B

    Wow! My niece and nephews would love this. My niece, especially, loves creating and putting things together.