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Which Rome Airport Is Best to Fly Into?

When you plan on visiting Rome, there are plenty of airports to choose as a terminus, but perhaps this make deciding which one to choose a lot harder. Centocelle Airport and Ciampino Airport, for instance, are quite well-known destinations that provide a quick and safe passage toward Rome.

In the following, we’ll take a look at some of the airports that you might want to consider and give you a brief insight into what you should expect from each of them. There are two main airports that people have used time and time again when flying to Rome, so we’re going to focus on those.

1. Fiumicino

In recent years, the Fiumicino airport has become a go-to for those who come from abroad to visit the picturesque city of Rome. One of the main reasons why Fiumicino is the peoples’ choice is that getting from Fiumicino airport to Rome is a fairly easy thing to do.

Unlike some of the other airports, Fiumicino is connected to a railway, the Leonardo Express, to be more precise. Therefore, you can get to Rome from Fiumicino in just a little over an hour for an extremely cheap price in comparison with what you’d have to pay for a Rome airport taxi.

The train will arrive at Termini, Rome’s Central Station. If you so choose, you can take another train to Rome that will arrive at either Ostiense or Trastevere. This ride is cheaper than the first one.

When it comes to personal safety, Fiumicino isn’t famed for its security, but there have been numerous improvements throughout the years so you shouldn’t lose sleep over the fact that you might be the victim of pickpocketing.

2. Ciampino

In respect with the closeness to the city of Rome, Ciampino takes the cake. However, Ciampino doesn’t provide a railway system, so you’ll need to go all the way to Rome by bus, metro or even worse, by taxi.

Some of the people that have gone to Ciampino said that they were actually scared during the landing, because the airport has a rather narrow lane for airplanes and in order to land, a plane needs to fly dangerously close to the top of the buildings.

Rest assured that there is no danger related to Ciampino. This is mere make-believe. What is true, on the other hand, is that Ciampino is a nerve-racking airport, in the sense that the queues are odiously long.

The overall service is tedious and if you went through passport control before eating, you’ve done yourself a huge disfavor, as there are only vending machines waiting and they function half of the time.

The Bottom Line

If you want to go to Rome and have a however calm airport experience, we advise that you choose the Fiumicino Airport, as the Ciampino one is small, crowded like you wouldn’t believe and lacks the personnel that it needs in order to function properly.

Fiumicino might be a tad farther away, but that only adds a maximum 15 minutes to your final travel to Rome, so it’s worth it.

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