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Liposuction vs. Liposculpture: How to Choose the Best for Your Body

Unwanted fat is one of the main concerns among many cosmetic surgery patients. It can be a persistent stomach after delivery of a child or fat around the thighs and so on. Getting rid of this fat permanently and keeping it off can be challenging for some people.

Do you want to go for a procedure to remove fat? Are you not sure which procedure you should go to? There are two options, liposuction and Liposculpture, and it can be confusing if you do not understand them. These two cosmetic procedures are the same, but they have unique differences. It is essential to know the difference before choosing one. Read through this article to learn more about liposuction and Liposculpture procedures.


It is a type of cosmetic surgery that gets rid of a large amount of unwanted fat that is difficult to remove using diet and exercise. A doctor usually does the liposuction procedure on your belly, hips, thighs, arms, buttocks, back, or face to improve your shape.

However, this procedure can be done with other cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, tummy tucks, as well as breast reduction. For best results, make sure that the operation is carried out by a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

Is Liposuction Fit For You?

Before you go for this procedure, it is good to have realistic expectations. You need to know that liposuction will not remove cellulite. It is a surgical procedure that comes with risks, so ensure you are healthy before the operation. Ensure that you meet the following:

•           You are within 30% of your weight.

•           You are not smoking.

•           You have firm skin.

Liposuction is not good if you have health issues with blood flow, diabetes, heart disease, or a weak immune system.


It is a cosmetic procedure that gets rid of fat in specific targeted areas to shape the body. Liposculpting operation is usually done to refine those areas that had undergone liposuction procedures. It is also an ideal procedure for those people who do not need liposuction as they only need a little bit of refinement in the selected areas.

Liposculpture is ideal if you want to have a more toned appearance. In lame language, liposculpture is explained as being the same as what a sculpting artist may do to clay creations. After the overall revealing of body shape, after a liposuction procedure, the small and targeted liposculpture is carried out to remove further unwanted fat to provide a more refined shape.

How to Choose the Best Procedure for Your Body

No procedure can be said to be much better than the other one. Both operations can offer some benefits to your body. Furthermore, there is no specific way to choose the best procedure for you. However, it is essential to discuss your options with a cosmetic surgeon to advise you on which surgery best meets your needs.

There you have it! Those are the things that you need to know about liposuction and liposculpture cosmetic procedures. Always go for an experienced plastic surgery doctor for the best outcome.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I think that if someone wants to do either of these, and it will make them feel better, they should go for it. For me, I probably wouldn’t be willing to part with that much money, lol.

  • June S.

    (Liposuction vs. Liposculpture: How to Choose the Best for Your Body) This is something that I would never consider doing. I remember seeing this done on some TV shows and it looks really scary to me. I think a lot more working out would be a better way to get rid of unwanted fat areas.

  • Shannon Ames

    I get why ppl would do something like that, but for me personally, if I can’t lose weight by working out and/or eating right guess I’ll be buying bigger clothes! Lol

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