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How to Find the Perfect Chesterfield Sofa for Your Home

If you’re looking to upgrade your home interiors, nothing beats the premium feel of a high-quality Chesterfield sofa, which can effortlessly uplift your living room into a plush leisure and entertainment space. A long-time classic, the Chesterfield is a symbol of elegant luxury that never feels dated or out of trend.

If you’re not sure how to separate the real Chesterfield from the wannabes, here are four tips to help you find a piece you won’t regret buying.


The best Chesterfield sofas are still crafted by hand using the finest materials and age-old techniques. Let me know! Skilled craftspersons with decades of experience painstakingly put together splendid pieces with fine detailing and exceptional finishing.

A low-quality mass-produced Chesterfield may look great at first glance (that’s what they’re designed to do), but the differences are easily apparent if you’ve seen or used the real deal. Jamie Fielden from SW James explains that while buying a cheap Chesterfield sofa save you money, you will be giving up comfort and durability. If you’re a true Chesterfield connoisseur, avoid falling for cheaply priced Chesterfields that have recently infiltrated the market thanks to the internet, and pick a real handmade Chesterfield sofa that will last you a lifetime.

Frame Quality

You cannot identify the flaws in a cheaper Chesterfield with a quick inspection at the store. It takes a deeper understanding to know if the manufacturer may have cut corners to give you a lower price. A key element that determines the quality of a Chesterfield is the frame. It is the skeleton that gives your sofa its shape and strength. Premium Chesterfield sofas have a strong and sturdy frame made with high-quality hardwood such as oak. In addition, thick rails are used to ensure solid support for long-term use, and the main structure is further supported by blocks on all corners and dowelled joints for maximum strength.

On the other hand, mass-produced Chesterfields generally have a frame made with a mix of different types of low-quality wood (often MDF), and they’ll have thinner rails to cut costs. Such frames are inevitably inferior in both strength and durability, and their integrity is further compromised by shaping sections fixed to the main frame using adhesive or staple pins.


Top of the line Chesterfields is made with premium leather or fabric that won’t lose shape or color over extended use. On the other hand, an imitation piece may look great initially, but the signs of poor craftsmanship will begin to show eventually. The sofa may start creaking or the upholstery may sag, wilt or develop lint.

High-quality Chesterfields are available in both leather and fabric upholstery. Leather continues to be the preferred choice (especially paired with a leather cleaner that keeps it looking brand new) for those who want the classic Chesterfield. It is easier to clean and looks even more splendid as it ages. But if you’re not keen on leather, there are plenty of premium fabrics available in a variety of colors and textures. Some interesting options are tweed, velvet, wool, and linen. For a sophisticated yet trendy look, go for a sofa in a classic earthy color and pair it up with cushions or chairs in vibrant hues.

Seat filling

The most common cushion filings used for Chesterfield sofas include the good old foam and polyester fiber. Premium pieces also often have feather filling. The type and quality of filling is a major determinant of the comfort and support your Chesterfield seats will provide, to ensure that you know what type of filling is used by the manufacturer. For maximum comfort, the padding on the seats should be soft and comfortable on top and strong and dense underneath.

While foam provides a sturdy base, layering with polyester fiber or feather enables superlative comfort when seated. So a combination filling is ideal for comfortable cushioning. The hallmark of quality cushioning is that it will not flatten or sag after repeated use and will feel comfortable to sit on for long hours. Inexpensive Chesterfield cushions are made with a lower-density filling that doesn’t bounce back to its original shape and flattens over time so you’ll feel the frame when sitting.

When you buy a poorly made piece of furniture, you get what you pay for—to keep their costs down, manufacturers of low-cost furniture inevitably use lower-quality materials and semi-skilled workers with little experience making premium furniture. To avoid getting duped, buy your Chesterfield sofa only from a reputable and trusted manufacturer known to produce quality sofas made to last generations.


  • Lauryn R

    I have never heard of Chesterfield sofas before (or more like I have seen them but didn’t know this is what they were called) but I love the look of them! They are beautiful, I especially love the leather ones. 🙂

  • paula peterson

    When I read that start creaking or the upholstery may sag, it reminds me of my bed that I payed so much for and now it sags. Thank you the great review on this couch.

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