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My Savvy Review of HOKENA LED Road Flares Emergency Lights

I do not know about you… but I love driving and taking small and long road trips whenever possible. There is just something about seeing the different parts of this beautiful country that we live in that makes me love road trips. My love of road trips is most definitely due to my grandparents. I have always loved traveling by car ever since I was a young child as my Grandparents would pick my sister and I up each summer for summer vacations. They would map out different routes for us to take each summer for our road trips so that we could venture through different parts of our gorgeous nation and this is something that I like doing with my own kids as I loved it so much. My love for the road is why I jumped at the chance to work with HOKENA as protecting yourself and your loved ones while traveling is so important.

I have always been taught to be prepared for the worst case scenarios, no matter what it is that you are doing. The same is true for being prepared for road trips…. as it is super important that you have the proper tools on hand to ensure you and your loved ones safety. HOKENA’s LED Road Flares are one of those important tools that you should have on hand in the event you are stuck on the side of the road but these LED Road Flares are so much more than that…. as they are part of a Roadside Warning Car Safety Flare Kit for both Vehicles and Boats. This kit contains other invaluable safety items that you should have on hand in the event of an emergency and all in a compact case which keeps everything in one handy place.

The HOKENA LED Roadside Warning Car Safety Flare Kit comes with everything you need to be prepared for an emergency event. You will receive a high quality storage bag with with a handy zippered pocket, 3 LED Road Flares with a lighting mode memory feature and non-scratching powerful magnetic back, battery replacement tools, 2 emergency thermal blankets, an emergency whistle and a 2 in 1 glass window breaker and seat belt cutter escape tool. Seriously…. I could not believe all that I received in this kit as I thought the price was amazing just for the 3 pack of LED Road Flares. It is an amazing value and honestly…this is a wonderful gift for everyone on my gift giving list as everyone can use this safety kit.

The HOKENA LED Road Flares are amazing! They are waterproof, crushproof and magnetic which I love and the magnetic backs will not damage your vehicles paint job. These are safety flares that are made to last and you can leave them out in the pouring rain or run over them with your car…and there is no damage PLUS the industrial strength rare-earth magnets will keep your roadside safety discs secured to the side of your truck or RV if you choose to use them that way. You will also enjoy quick and easy battery changes with the LED road flares from HOKENA as their emergency LED road flare kit includes keychain screwdriver tools and detailed instructions for simply battery changes PLUS they come preinstalled with AAA batteries so that they are ready to use from day one.

HOKENA’s LED Road Flares provide superior visibility and reusability. They have 15 super bright LEDs (12 amber, 3 white) combined with 9 unique light modes, will ensure that your roadside flares are seen by cars up to a mile away so you can safely signal for assistance. These are hands down the perfect road flares for every car to have on hand in the event of an emergency and they are for sure the perfect gift for friends and family.

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