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How to Ensure Your Wedding Flowers Are Fresh for Your Special Day 

If you’re getting married, one area that you may or may not realize as being particularly important is ensuring all your wedding flowers are fresh for your special day. The flowers will be one of the first parts of your wedding everyone will notice, from the ones on display at the ceremony, to the bouquets you and your bridesmaid are holding, and even to the ones that are at your reception venue. However, if you want to ensure all your flowers are looking as fresh as they possibly can for this very special day, there are a few ways for you to ensure that this happens.  

The first is to ensure you use a local florist when sourcing your flowers. Not only is it good to support local businesses anyway, but using a local florist can help ensure the freshness of your flowers for your special day. This is because if they live local to you, or even if you choose a florist that’s local to your wedding venue, if your wedding venue is a bit further away, they will be able to sort out the flowers and set them up a lot closer to your wedding date, sometimes even on the same day as your wedding. If you use a florist that lives quite a lot further out to where your wedding venue is, they might decide that they must set everything up a day or two in advance, either due to distance or other commitments they have. Whereas, if you decide to use a local florist, they should offer you fresh flowers for weddings, which you can find out more about here.  

You also need to ensure your flowers are stored in a cool place. They should be kept in a cool and dark place away from any sunlight and you should also cut the stems diagonally and put them into water. This can be used before your wedding and is a technique you may want to use if the florist has delivered the flowers before the wedding. Therefore, it may be more beneficial to use a local florist for your wedding. However, if you cannot do this for whatever reason, you will want to use the above technique to preserve the flowers for your special day.  

You might even want to employ this technique if you are wanting to preserve the flowers for after your wedding. You might want to keep them fresh for as long as possible afterwards as a constant reminder of your special day. Afterwards, if you still want to keep them to look back on, there are multiple methods you can use to do so, such as pressing the flowers onto a piece of paper and then framing them. Or, if you have a book on your wedding that contains photos from the day and some messages of congratulations from your loved ones, you may want to add pressed flowers to this book so you can look back on these memories with fondness.