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Must Haves For A Simple Wedding

Not everyone wants a big, fancy wedding; some prefer something much simpler and more low-key. They don’t want anything extravagant, just the basics with a few additional touches like getting a jersey city limo service to arrive in will do them fine. Whether it’s down to personal preference, budget, or timing, your simple wedding can still be just as beautiful and memorable (perhaps even more so) than anything bigger as long as you remember to include some of the most important must-haves.


No matter how great a memory you might have, your wedding day will go by in a flash, and by the time you stop to take a breath, you’ll be wishing your guests good night and wondering how time went so quickly. This is why a good wedding photographer is essential. For added fun, some couples also have a photo booth, like the booths Booth Boy supplies, so that they can capture guests in a more fun and lighthearted way. Photo booths usually go down very well with guests, especially if there are props!

Some couples choose not to have a photographer and instead opt to use friends and family instead, but this can be a false economy – those photos just won’t be as well thought out and perfectly shot as a professional’s would. An expert Chicago photographer will be able to work with you and your budget to create some beautiful lasting memories.

The Dress

Again, you don’t have to have something that is made of frills and lace to have a special outfit for your big day, but you probably won’t want to wear your normal, everyday clothes either. Investing in a special outfit or even a proper wedding dress might sound extravagant if you think that you’ll only ever wear it once, but who says that has to be the case?

Once you have done with your dress, you can upcycle it and re-imagine it into something else. Some brides choose to make it into a stuffed toy for their child, or a set of pillowcases, or other useful mementos. Some even specifically choose a dress that they can wear again to other special occasions, making the budget go much further.

The Venue

Every wedding has to have a venue. Otherwise, it simply can’t take place. Where you choose will come down to a combination of money, location, and facilities, and it is worth taking your time in choosing the best place for your wedding to happen.

Will you, for example, choose a venue that can host both the wedding and the reception? Or will you forgo a reception altogether in order to have more money for the wedding itself, or perhaps a honeymoon? Do you need to take guests in wheelchairs into consideration? Should it be near a train station or have good parking? Think carefully about what is most necessary before booking anything as deposits are often non-refundable.


A simple wedding can be an absolutely beautiful thing, and with the right planning can be a memorable event for all the right reasons. One of the things that guests will often remember is the quality of the food or lack thereof. Feeding your guests is essentially a way to say thank you to them for coming, and for bringing gifts, which is why, even at a simple wedding, some form of food should be on offer.

A simple barbecue or a buffet-style meal with finger food is ideal, especially if you can rope in friends and family to help with prep.

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  • Debbie P

    I think for any wedding all you need is the about four things plus family and good friends. Thanks for the article.

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