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Delicious Food to Cook Over the Best Smoker Grill 

Numerous types of delicious food can be cooked when you own a smoker grill. It is one of the reasons that people are seeking the ultimate grill products suggestions from My GrillWorld and more. However, if you’re not convinced about buying a grill, then below mentioned food items will rush you to a store to get one. So, take a look at the popular and delicious food that you can cook over the best smoker grill. 

Delicious food that you can cook using a grill

The list of food items that can be prepared using a grill is massive. Hence, only the major and most delicious ones are given below for you.

*Smoked prime rib 

*Bacon explosion 

*Smoked applewood chicken 

Have a detailed look at these tasty food items!

1. Smoked prime rib 

One of the most popular dishes that is prepared using a smoker grill is smoked prime rib. Apart from forequarter or primal cut of beef rib, there are other ingredients that you need to cook this dish. One would need items such as celery seed, onion powder, dill, rosemary, garlic powder, salt, smoked paprika, coriander, and black pepper. 

Moreover, other ingredients that you need to make compound butter is unsalted butter, garlic, fresh rosemary, ground pepper, and salt. One should season the meat after creating compound butter. There are numerous ways to make it and you should opt for an approach that is convenient for you. 

After seasoning the meat, use your hands to apply freshly made compound butter throughout said meat. When the smoker is preheated and prepared adequately, place seasoned beef on smoker racks. 

When the meat is inside a grill for an hour or so, insert a thermometer in this roast’s thickest and middle part. This will aid in knowing whether one has overcooked or undercooked meat. 

A person should smoke it depending on how one wants it done like medium-rare, well-done, etc. After removing it from the grill one should let it rest for 5 minutes or so before slicing it up. 

2. Bacon explosion 

Another wonderful dish one can prepare using a smoker grill is the bacon explosion. To create this dish using a smoker grill, an individual would require bacon (1lb, thick slices) and preferable Italian sausages (1lb).  

Also, other ingredients include preferable BBQ sauce and seasoning according to one’s preference. Lastly, one will need toppings such as cheese, hot sauce, jalapenos, and anything else one desires), and toothpicks. 

The first task is to create a weave-like structure using the thick bacon slices. On top of it sprinkle seasoning that you should prepare beforehand. The next step includes placing the sausages on top and ensuring it covers the entire bacon weave with similar thickness. When sausages are placed, simply sprinkle more seasoning to cover the entire sausage structure. 

In addition, add toppings to it before rolling the entire thing. To keep it rolled till you’re done, use toothpicks so that it stays the way you want. Sprinkle some more seasoning and place it inside the smoker. It takes about 3 hours or so depending on certain factors. Hence, you should remove it when you are satisfied. However, 30 mins before taking it out, you can apply the BBQ sauce to finish it off. 

3. Smoked applewood chicken 

To start one will need ingredients such as smoked paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and oregano. Remove the innards from the 4-5 pounds weighing chicken and rinse appropriately. After washing and drying it with paper towels simply slice it in half.

The next step consists of marinating your chicken by applying the seasoning that you prepared. Press the seasoning well, so that one can enjoy the flavor after cooking it. Use saran wrap and place it inside a refrigerator for a night. Next day, prepare the smoker and place the chicken on its rack. 

Smoke the chicken for 4-5 hours at 225°F. Once it is done to your satisfaction, remove it; it will make you have a delicious and juicy smoked applewood chicken ready. 

These are the most popular dish that you can prepare using the best smoker grill. If you are confused about which one to get, then check out Buyers Guide. It will help you get the best grill smoker and make it easy for you to prepare such delicious dishes. 

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