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Glamping Holidays: Fun Tips To Glamp With The Kids

Glamping has been taking center stage in family holiday trends for some years now, as families with children have increasingly been trading holiday breaks abroad by luxury camping. If you are considering doing something like then you should check out something like glamping on Airbnb. With all the rage of mobiles, tablets and laptops, kids nowadays are disconnected from nature. I know a lot of families who take camper vans along with a RV battery, but I think glamping is so much better because you can be free from technology. If you do decide to go camping in an RV, you should contact an rv extended warranty company just so you know you’re covered if anything were to go wrong. Activities such as playing outdoors, exploring trails, climbing trees, fishing or cycling have become a rarity in modern childhood, and that’s where glamping holidays come in to inspire parents and kids to get back in touch with nature – as a family.

That’s why I’m bringing you 5 tips to make a glamping holiday fun, and an experience the whole family will remember.

1. Building a den

Get creative and keep the kids busy by building a den. They will learn about the different materials they can find in nature, as well as about the process of building a structure and, of course, teamwork. For safety, find a large area with flat ground to build the den over, and then it’s just a matter of getting the kids to collect branches, leaves and moss to start creating the structure. You can use trees as supporting posts, and if you’re really into the den building experience, you can also bring with you ropes to tie the branches together and a tarpaulin sheet to put over the den and make it waterproof.

2. Exploring nature

What would be the point of a glamping holiday if you didn’t get in touch with the realm of nature? Make exploring the outdoors an enjoyable activity for your kids by simply going on a woodlands walk, and letting them absorb the tranquility of their surroundings, observe the natural colors and shapes, touch the ground and the trees, and ask questions about the animals they see. Let the kids be kids and ask them to collect different things during the walk to create a nature collage back at the glamping site.

3. Relaxing

Glamping isn’t only about running around exploring, playing and always having activities to fill every hour of the day. Glamping is also about keeping things simple – sitting back, relaxing and just enjoying nature. You can ask your kids to look at the clouds and search for shapes, to observe the leaves in the trees and notice how they slightly move with the breeze, and at night, without light pollution in sight, you can ask them to gaze at the stars. These down times are also an important part of the experience, and you can also ask the kids later to draw what they saw.

4. Hunting for treasure

Children are naturally curious, so they love mystery and riddles. Take advantage of the natural surroundings of the glamping site and plan a scavenger hunt for the kids! Limit the search area and hide a few items in different places, create a few clues for their whereabouts and get the whole family involved in following the hunting trail. You can hide little treats for the kids, or just common objects – either way, it will certainly be a fun and challenging experience for them.

5. Building a campfire

Campfires are a tradition when camping, even if you’re camping in a glamorous style. So, collect wood branches and twigs, organize them into piles and light a fire! Gather the family around the campfire and prepare for a wonderful evening of family bonding, while sharing stories, laughing out loud and, of course, roasting marshmallows! Camping wouldn’t be camping if there weren’t marshmallows involved, right?

Getting away from the hassle of everyday modern life is one of the best things about a glamping holiday. Kids will be outdoors, breathing fresh air and enjoying the wonders nature has to offer, while parents can delve in tranquility and enjoy a relaxed and recharging family break. So, now that you have all these fun tips in hand, start planning your glamping getaway today!


  • Linda Manns

    My son and the grandkids love camping. These are some great ideas for family bonding and having a good time. It is great to get away like this

  • Mary Songer

    Now this is my idea of camping. Roughing it is not my preference. This tent is wonderful. Looks very inviting.

  • Lauryn R

    I have never been glamping before, but I love to camp! My fondest memories as a kid were camping with my family. 🙂 It is such a great way to relax and spend time together, as well as be active!

  • Kristi

    I really agree with just taking the time to relax with glamping or just regular camping. It’s nice to recharge and enjoy the outdoors and each others company without all the busyness.

  • ellen beck

    I have heard of ‘glamping’ bu most involved renting he cabins or tents or in some cases yerts. I have never been glamping, although it does look fun. I like how most is set up for you.

  • MD Kennedy

    These are great ideas – and not just for glamping or camping! They can all be done in the backyard as well!

  • Jenny B

    we go camping quite a bit but I’ve never been one to go glamping but it sounds like fun to switch it up!

  • cylina williams

    When my kids were little we did some camping but now we just stay at hotels, maybe this would be something fun to do now that they are older though!

  • Linda Madden

    Now this is the way to camp! My daughter hates camping but I think these tips would change her mind!

  • Jerry Marquardt

    The tips and pointers on further enjoying the outdoors without a problem are right on cue with your nice post. I appreciate sharing the information.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I used to love camping but that was a long time ago. This looks like something I would enjoy though!

  • gloria patterson

    You have a lot of great ideals here for kids and you don’t need to be camping/glamping to do them. Just some walks in the woods this would be great for the kids to do this stuff. Of course everything but the fire. My brother has about 40 acres and takes his grandson out all the time.

  • Tammy Catterton

    I used to go camping have not done it years now. I may have to try it again thanks for sharing

  • Denise Low

    Thank you for sharing. I would love to go glamping this way. Love the decor. This would be my kind of camping.