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Keep Your Handbag Safe & Sound When Out & About With The Ivy Alexander Handbag Hook!

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I have been on the hunt for the perfect gift for my mom, Mother-in-law, and my sisters as they are all moms and they are seriously some of the most amazing women that I know. These women in my life need to be celebrated and I love showering them with gifts that are luxurious and that make them feel pampered. While on the hunt to find the perfect gifts for these amazing ladies, I stumbled upon Ivy Alexander which is a luxury accessory brand that has created the most gorgeous of opulent purse hooks designed to be used when out and about so that you can keep your handbag off of the floor and safe in one place. The Ivy Alexander luxury handbag hooks are the first of the brands luxury accessory lines and their motto is “Luxury with a Purpose” and that is something that I can stand behind as a percentage of their proceeds go to the Ivy Alexander Foundation which is a foundation dedicated to helping non-profit organizations that advance equity for women. A brand that creates amazing products and that does amazing things too?! That is something to love and appreciate for sure and its the reason I jumped at the chance to work with this amazing brand.

Handbag Hook

Ivy Alexander sent me two of their beautiful hooks. I received The Chloe Handbag Hook and The Lauren Handbag Hook. They are both beautiful and they fit perfectly into you handbag so that you can take them out and use them when out at a restaurant, a bar, the hairdressers… and anywhere that there is a table so that you can whip out the hook and use it to place your handbag securely and up and off of the floor.

Handbag Hook

This is such an ingenious design and idea and I used the hooks immediately when my sister came into to town for a visit. We went to our favorite breakfast spot and she was able to hang her new Disney Dooney & Burke handbag safely and the best part is that you do not have to put it down onto the floor or worry about hanging it on your chair.

handbag hook

handbag hook

When we were at the restaurant, we realized immediately how lucky we were that we had our bags on the Ivy Alexander Handbag Hooks as our waiter spilled my drink, BUT no worries as our bags stayed safe and were not wet at all because they were no where near the floor. You can see the spill in the picture below.

handbag hooks

Ivy Alexander carries several styles of their luxury handbag hooks and they are available in a gold, silver and/or rose gold finish. I love The Chloe Luxury Handbag Hook as it literally folds up into a small disc and is perfect for any size bag…. large or small.

handbag hook

My sister loved The Lauren Luxury Handbag Hook and I gifted it to her on the spot. It is perfect to use when she has her new bag in tow as she can rest assured that it is safe and sound and in one place when she is out and about. She keeps it in the inside pocket of her bag and always gets comments on it when she is out.

handbag hook

So what do you think of these amazing Luxury Handbag Hooks from Ivy Alexander?! Don’t they make the perfect gift for that special lady in your life? Maybe you are superstitious and you don’t like putting your bag on the floor…. in comes Ivy Alexander and their fabulous Handbag Hooks! These hooks are also perfect for anything you can hook onto them too….think sunglasses, umbrellas, tote bags… anything! Check them out today and order yours for mom as she will love this beautiful hook for her handbags and more!

Ivy Alexander HandBag Hooks


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