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It’s All About That “Bass”! Ways To Turn Around A Fish Hater

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We hear so much about fish being a really healthy alternative to meat. It’s full of omega-3, healthy fats, and gives you a decent dose of protein. And while there are plenty of seafood recipes out there, what if you aren’t a fish lover? There are always people that think a plate of fish is incredibly unappealing, especially if its eyes are still intact! If you’re looking to get more fish into your diet, what can you do to ensure that you do this properly?

Cover Them In Breadcrumbs

In fact, if you cover them in pretty much anything it disguises stronger fish flavors. Salmon fish cakes are a wonderful example of mixing up mashed potatoes, herbs, and breadcrumbs to create a beautiful golden piece of fish. You can also cover them in beer battered breadcrumbs and deep fry them. This is is great for something like squid or calamari. On themediterraneandish.com there is a recipe for 15-minute calamari that truly does the job! But when fish is such a strong flavor it’s a good idea to add more things into the mix, including lemon, because the acidity works so well, making it a very fragrant piece of food.

Pick A White Fish

Perhaps you have bad memories of eating salmon or a piece of fish that stunk so bad that the smell is still lodged in your nostrils to this day! When you don’t know where to begin, white fish is a great way for picky eaters to dive in. White fish doesn’t taste very “fishy” and is very good at absorbing any flavor you put on them. Choose something like cod or haddock. When you are trying to get into fish, starting here and covering it in parsley butter and lemon will disguise the flavor even further. From there, you can begin to become more adventurous with your choices and start looking into seafood. But it’s important to remember that you choose sustainable seafood where possible. On thespruceeats.com there is a handy guide to peruse.

Choose Your Cooking Method Wisely

Specific cooking methods bring out the stink. Some people hate seafood because the one time they tried it, it wasn’t prepared properly. A good example would be eating dry salmon or overcooked scallops. And as obvious as it sounds, once you start to find the right way of cooking fish that doesn’t dry it out or break it down so much that it’s inedible, it’s going to make your experience a far better one. One of the best ways to cook fish is to flash fry it in butter with salt, pepper, and some herbs. And while this can result in a powerful smell, especially with stronger fish, if this is too much for you, put it in the oven. 

Not everybody likes fish, and some people can’t bring themselves to ever eat it. But if you’re looking to get more omega 3 into your diet or you’re trying to bring someone round to your way of thinking, you can’t go wrong with these three methods.


  • Tamra Phelps

    My favorite fish is spoon-bill catfish. It’s so flaky and doesn’t smell at all ‘fishy.’ As much as I love fish, I won’t touch it if it still has ‘skin’ on it, lol. I know a lot of people leave the skin on one side, but something about that makes me cringe, lol.

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