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Why people are so obsessed with their air fryer and you could be too

Air fryers, ahh. I’m sure you heard it from several of your friends, family or colleagues, but you just couldn’t wrap your head around it. How come they are so good? I mean, it’s just a little oven, right? I thought so too, but after trying it a few times, I realized I’m in love with it, but just couldn’t understand why it’s worth the hype. So here is my opinion on why you should consider getting one too.

So why are they so well-liked?

There are a number of factors contributing to air fryers’ increased popularity. They first make it possible for consumers to prepare healthy meals on a budget. Because they are smaller than other appliances, they also contribute to space savings. Finally, they restore the delight of cooking by enabling consumption of fried meals without causing guilt.

Since they don’t require the use of oil, air fryers have become one of the most widely used appliances in recent years. Instead of using oil to heat meals, these appliances use hot air. This indicates that the food contains fewer calories and fat. Additionally, the food tastes better since it cooks more quickly than it would in a traditional oven.

They cook fast. Really, really fast.

Instead of applying heat directly to the food, air fryers cook it by passing hot air through it. Food thus cooks more quickly than it would in an oven. In fact, several models make the bold claim that they can cook food in half the time of an oven.

Because they utilize hot air rather than heat from the bottom, air fryers cook meals more quickly than ovens. Food cooks evenly without drying out or burning. Additionally, food does not adhere to the pan because it does not come into close touch with the heating element.

Just as an illustration: It takes around 3 minutes to preheat an air fryer to 400 degrees (larger versions could take up to 5, but that’s the limit). Well, it takes my standard oven at least ten minutes to reach 400 degrees. Additionally, I cooked fries for 5 minutes less than it would have taken in a traditional oven to produce the same texture. It changes everything if you fried every day.

Less energy is consumed.

If you’ve ever used an oven to cook something, you are aware of how much energy it consumes. Up to 70% more electricity is used by ovens than by other appliances. Because of this, single people frequently switch off their oven while not in use. Because it circulates warm air rather than applying direct heat, an air fryer uses less energy than an oven.

Air fryer use less watts than conventional ovens and therefore in the long run they use less energy. This helps maintain the health of our bodies because less fat is discharged into the air. We eat less food because it cooks faster in air fryers as well. Last but not least, air fryers are simple to clean. After each use, you simply wipe them down.

Cleaning non-stick baskets is simple.

Cleaning an air fryer will prove to be simpler than cleaning an oven. An air fryer’s interior is very simple to clean after each usage. Simply use a wet cloth to clean the surface and then let it air dry.

Because there is no grease splatter, air fryers are simple to clean. Simply use a moist cloth to clean them. Additionally, you may bake bread, pastries, and cakes in the air fryer if you wish to cook something other than chicken.

They require little investment.

Although some air fryers, like the Kalorik MAXX, might be fairly expensive, in general, you can find a variety of straightforward but excellent versions for around $50. That is a wonderful deal, in my opinion. Even though the less expensive models won’t have unique features like presets, shake alarms, or intelligent Alexa integration, they will still save you a ton of time and enable you to consume more healthfully and with fewer calories. That’s fantastic for only $50.


Since air fryers cook food quickly, are inexpensive, and promote better health, I believe they are a worthwhile investment.

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