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Is Polkadot A Good Investment? / Polkadot Price Prediction 2021-2030

Polkadot is an open source protocol with support for sharding technology and the ability to interact with many disparate chains to transfer any data or assets between them. Thanks to these features, the developers expect to form a completely decentralized and private Internet, control over which users will retain, and the creation of new applications and services in it will be simplified.

Polkadot connects private and public chains, oracles and other technological advances, allowing blockchain users to exchange information without the need to trust each other. The Polkadot developers say they are not creating another Ethereum killer, but their work indicates much more ambitious plans.

Polkadot advantages

Here are the main:

1) Interoperability: The Polkadot network allows blockchains with different consensus models to interact with each other through dedicated intermediaries, and no action is required from the developers or users of these blockchains.

2) Scalability: due to the use of parachains, the total system bandwidth can grow indefinitely. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to connect to Polkadot without slowing down the network.

3) Security: Polkadot’s own security system provides the necessary layer of protection both for the operation of the entire system and for the blockchains, services and applications involved in it.

4) Open source: the availability of the code allows anyone who wants to be convinced of its reliability, as well as help in finding and fixing bugs, if any.

A system of incentives and penalties: all network participants, from collators to ordinary users, can receive rewards for actions that contribute to the development of the network. There are penalties for actions that do not comply with consensus algorithms. It is such a system that should ensure the reliable functioning of Polkadot.

Investment prospects for Polkadot

The Polkadot project is one of the most high-profile ICOs in history. He managed to raise almost $ 145 million or about 500,000 ETH at the time of fundraising. An important factor is that investments were accepted only from users who have undergone strict verification.

This excitement, caused by the extremely ambitious goal of the scheme, was greatly overshadowed by the freezing of funds on Parity folders. The Polkadot project has lost at least 70% of the collected ETH, and there is no way to recover it yet. It is this fact that casts doubt on the investment attractiveness of the project at the current stage.

The main question is whether the developers have enough remaining funds to achieve all the goals. In general, the situation with Polkadot’s money is very difficult: in fact, investors have invested and will receive their share of the tokens after the network is deployed. However, in the current realities, their invested money, or at least 70% of it, does exist: neither the developers nor anyone else have them. It turns out that the total emission of tokens will not be supported by real finances, and this can have a very negative effect on their value. 

On the other hand, if you believe in the idea of ​​the project and the fact that the developers will have enough funds to implement it, the drop in the price of tokens can be an excellent opportunity to buy below the ICO price. But it is worth approaching this issue with the utmost caution, taking into accounts all of the above.


Polkadot prediction 2030 is very hard to predict, but WalletInvestor examiners propose that the cost of the DOT cryptocurrency can extend to decrease. In their mind, at the start of 2025, the cost will be $ 0.297. At the end of the year, the rate will increase somewhat to $ 0.469. According to specialists from compendia, in January the cryptocurrency can grow to $ 20-25 per 1 DOT. By the end of 2025, analysts expect a significant rise in the rate, up to about $ 40-42.


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