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Reasons why you should get a Labrador

Thinking of getting your first dog? Or maybe you want to grow the already existing dog family you have? Well, Labradors would make the perfect addition to your family. Read on to learn why Labradors make amazing pets!

 1. Temperament 

One of the first reasons why Labradors are the perfect dog is that they are a very gentle and friendly breed. So, your new pup would definitely make a great addition to the family as they love to play with everyone and everything. If you have children, they are great as they can connect and play with them too. Their loyal, fun-loving, and kind-hearted naturemakes them a great breed.

2. They are great at listening 

Believe it or not, Labradors are great pets as they are really good listeners. Yes, you read the right. While they may not understand human languages, they are very attentive and love to listen. This is primarily because they love human company. So, if you have had a bad or good day at work and need someone to talk to, Labradors will be there to listen.  

3. They are not fussy eaters 

Unlike other dog breeds, Labradors do not have or require expensive or fancy food taste. All they require is a diet and food filled with protein; this will be more than enough to keep them happy and pleased. So, choosing the best food for a Labrador will not be a strenuous or time-consuming task. 

4. Labradors are hard-working

Labradors are also very hard-working dogs. So, they can be utilized in a number of ways. For example, they can perform as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, trackers, lifeguard dogs, assistance dogs, and even therapy dogs. As you can tell, they are extremely versatile and have the potential to do a lot of good in the world. Further, they are very adaptable and will be able to fit perfectly in any climate or situation. So, if you travel a lot, you can bring your furry companion with you if you wish. 

5. Different types of Labradors 

There are lots of different types of Labradors such as English and American. Also, within these two broad categories, there are many shades and colors they come in. For example, you can get yellow, chocolate, black and even white Labradors! If you are unsure of where to purchase such a loving, furry, and cute companion, check out snowypineswhitelabs.com.

6. They are very smart

Additionally, Labradors are very intelligent and clever dogs. As mentioned above, they can do many jobs, which highlightstheir intelligence. So, if you train your dog right, it can act as a useful tool. Further, they can easily be trained to perform tricks such as catching frisbees and can even do canine sports. 

7. They are beautiful 

Labradors are a gorgeous breed of dog. So, while looks are not everything, they can certainly be a contributing factor in your decision. They are absolutely adorable. No wonder why they were voted Britain’s favorite dog breed!

So, if you want a dog, as you can see, Labradors are great choices.

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  • megan allen

    Labs are the absolute best! My daddy had a chocolate lab. We got her when I was around 9 years old. I remember her putting her paws on my shoulders and we danced LOL. She was the sweetest thing ever ..and my dad’s best friend. If we get a puppy it will definitely be a lab!

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