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11 Supermom Essentials To Have On Hand When Out With The Kids

Moms are superheroes plain and simple. We don’t get days off and most of us work full time jobs all while still doing all that moms do for their families. Most moms are the homemakers that cook yummy meals, prep healthy lunches, run our households, run the kids too and from school, soccer practice, band practice and even attend and participate in PTA meetings all while still finding the time to get that quality time in with the kiddos via a day out at the park or beach or wherever the day may take you. Seriously… moms are superheroes and that is why I have come up with the top 11 essentials that every mom-on-the-go should have on hand to make that transformation into Supermom just a little bit easier.

Comfortable Footwear

The first essential item that is a must have when out and about with the kids, is wearing comfortable footwear. If you are going to be out and about walking and strolling around with the kiddos for hours at a time, it is important to ensure that you are wearing comfortable shoes that can keep you going and keeping up with the kiddos too. If you suffer from pain and discomfort in the ball of your feet like I do, you can find gel ball of foot cushions that can be added to your favorite pair of shoes. These cushions will instantly turn any pair of shoes that you own into the most comfortable of shoes to take with on an outing with the kiddos, whether that be to the park, the mall, the beach or anywhere!

Portable Snacks and Drinks

I am not sure about you, but if your kid can get really cranky when they are hungry like mine do, then you know the importance of having some snacks on hand at all times. Portable foods like fruit and granola bars, juice boxes, and extra sippy cups are just right for when you’re on the run and your child is hungry. I also always have a few filled reusable water bottles on hand for myself and the kids throughout the day as I always encourage them to drink lots of H2O too.

Hand Sanitizer

In this day and age that we live in, I always have hand sanitizer on hand. It is super helpful when soap and water are not available. In this case hand sanitizer is the perfect substitute for cleaning your little ones hands in a pinch. A quick drop can kill most germs, and works great for eating on the go or cleaning up after the playground too.


I always make sure to have my smartphone on hand and it is good for several reasons. First, if you find yourself running errands all day with your kids in tow, you can download a few age-appropriate smartphone apps to keep your little ones entertained in the car, at the grocery store, waiting rooms or anywhere that you may need it. Not only can your smartphone keep the little ones entertained in the event you need it but your smartphone is also the most amazing of cameras too! My new iPhone takes beautiful pictures and by always having it on hand, I am sure to capture each and every moment while out and about with the kiddos and preserve those moments beautifully, so that I can enjoy the pictures and memories for years and years to come.

Sun Protection


We all know the importance of applying sunscreen each and every time we are outdoors. Even on cloudy days. If you have babies or toddlers to take with you on your outings, it is extra important. For babies, shade at the park is always best and so are brimmed hats that can help cover your little ones face, and also kid-safe sunscreen that can protect their skin—especially if you’re visiting the park during peak sunshine hours.


Tissues are always a must have anytime and especially when out and about with the kids. You may need to wipe their little faces and noses or maybe you have a spill that needs a quick cleanup…..having tissues on hand can be a life saver when your are in a pinch. Simply toss a pack into your purse to ensure you’re always prepared.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

I always keep a travel first aid kit in may car now that I have kids. You just never know when a boo-boo is gonna happen so being prepared is essential. You can find a cool travel first aid kit to keep on hand in your car at all times, or even in your spacious tote bag. If you do not have a travel first aid kit, simply keep a couple packages of different sized bandages in your purse so that you can fix-up any scrapes your child manages to get during your day out.

Travel Cooler

Travel Cooler

If you’re planning a long day outdoors, whether that be at the park, beach or pool, make sure to have a  small travel cooler for food, drinks, bottles, and/ or snacks on hand. This cooler is small enough to fit in a wagon or in the storage basket under a stroller but holds enough to ensure you are prepared for your outing.

Picnic Blanket

I always love having a travel blanket, or picnic blanket in my car at all times in the event we spontaneously head out to the park when the time allows. By having a blanket on hand, it allows you to have a spot to hang out with the little ones, and it serves as a home base for snack time or lunch too. Make sure to choose one with a waterproof backing, so you don’t have to worry about dewy grass getting your blanket wet and if you happen to be visiting the park early in the morning or after a rain, grab a beach towel to take with because you might need to wipe down wet slides or swings. This will ensure you are always prepared and that you’re supermom!

Stain Remover Pen or Wipes

Stain Remover Pens

I have a stain remover pen in my purse or tote bag at all times for those uh-oh moments as we know they happen. Seriously… no matter how careful you try to be, the kiddos always find a way to stain their clothes, especially when out and about. By keeping some stain remover wipes on hand, you can quickly remove any spills, messes, or marks from your child’s clothing on-the-go.

Spacious Tote

Spacious Tote Bag

Last but not least, a spacious tote is a must have for moms. We have to pretty much carry everything, so having a lightweight spacious tote provides the perfect place to toss everything into at the end of your outing. This will ensure you can carry everything to and from the park with ease. Whether this be your everyday diaper bag or a separate spacious and lightweight tote….. having all of your essentials on hand will make your outing with the kiddos perfect.

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