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Is Botox Reversible?

Botox is one of the most well-known cosmetic procedures invented. You’ll hear mention of it from high profile personalities to regular joes wanting to halt the aging process a bit. It allows a person to take care of fine lines and wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, by injection. This non-invasive treatment gives people more confidence in their everyday lives and the best part: no surgery and minimum downtime. A small price to pay to look and feel younger.

According to the Botox expert of Naples, FL, Richard Maloney, the treatment is a very safe option and has even been approved by the FDA. The best part is that there is usually only mild side effects such as bruising or redness at the injection site.

While it is the best treatment for practically anyone who wants to look younger, many who get the procedure, or those who are curious all have questions. The most common question that many cosmetic surgeons get asked is, “can this be undone”?

Can It Really Be Reversed?

For one reason or another many people want to know can this treatment be reversed. Usually, people simply worry that the surgeon will make mistakes, but this is why it is so important to always go to a professional, specialist dermatology center like Park Avenue Skin Care for your botox, this way you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a top-quality treatment. This is also important because, to put it in simple terms, no – it can’t be undone. There is simply no way that it can be undone. If there are certain effects that you are experiencing, such as a changed smile, then it would be best to go back to the surgeon that did the procedure and explain the problem.

Additionally, you can go to a board certified dermatologist to check out any problems with the botox treatment. It is also always a good idea to learn about the person that is doing your treatments. Not all cosmetic surgeons are made equal, and it shows in the quality of your results.

Why Can’t It Be Reversed?

Now that you know that the treatments cannot be reversed, the next question is “why not”? The answer to the question lies in the hands of science. The scientific name for the treatment is actually ‘Botulinum Toxin Type A.’ Now don’t freak out, it is not a harmful toxin when used in low dosages.

The Botulinum Toxin comes from a bacteria named Clostridium Botulinum. This group of bacteria is known to paralyze muscles when in its uncultured form and can have deadly side effects on humans and animals.

So when you get these treatments, you are in a very minimal way paralyzing your muscles to relax. This paralyzing is why the wrinkles and frown lines reduce so well against the treatments.

Essentially the muscles’ transmitters that ‘talk’ to each other in the injected area is impaired by the toxin injection. According to, these treatments pretty much have the muscles relaxed for a matter of months. The website also goes on to mention that even though the muscles are essentially going to be relaxed, some people do not even see a change in their wrinkles right away.

So yes, your face can be permanently relaxed and still have noticeable wrinkles. While this can be disheartening, it is always something to consider with your cosmetic surgeon when you get the procedure.

While this may sound unappealing if you are looking to get this procedure done, don’t worry all hope should not be lost yet.

The Treatment Is Permanent

The previous section did say that can not be undone because it is essentially forcing your muscles to relax. However, the effects of the procedure do eventually wear off, which is a good thing. No one wants their muscles to never go back to their normal state. So have no fear, you are not completely stuck if you decide that the procedure is not for you after the first round.

Many medical websites can explain this to you, but Aesthetic Surgery Center’s Richard Maloney said it best. The effects of the treatment’s positive features can last you up to 16 weeks, or 4 months. However, most people come in for another round of the drug at 12 weeks or 3 months. Eventually, the muscles of the injected site start to regain the use of their neurotransmitters and start to ‘talk’ to each other again. While this is bad for your wrinkle treatments, this is good for your muscles so that you know they are still intact from the treatments.

By the way, if your muscles do not relax by 16 weeks, it may become a medical emergency. The toxin may have done permanent damage to the muscles, but this is usually rare. If you have any questions about the treatment and when it should wear off, it is always a good idea to talk to your cosmetic surgeon.

Don’t Let Non-Reversal Scare You Away

We know that talking about all the side effects of these treatments can seem scary. Just remember that we are only here to inform, and we encourage everyone to get the treatment if they want to look younger again.

The negative effects far outweigh the benefits and many people have had life-changing success with these treatments. Take for example of Scubbydubby, a poster on the blog where mothers talk about their experiences of daily life. She writes that she tried a procedure a few weeks before her post because she was always tired of ‘looking tired.’ Once she gave it a try, she never looked back. She visited one of the top Botox experts in NJ and the procedure went perfectly. She was so pleased with the outcome! While she was skeptical at first because she did not want the ‘frozen face’ look, she says that her cosmetic surgeon has done a great job with giving her the ‘natural face’ that she desired. Just make sure you do plenty of research on the Med Spa and doctor before booking your treatment.

When used correctly, this once deadly bacteria can have a positive effect on the lives of many. Whether male or female, everyone desires to look younger. While the treatments cannot be undone once you get them, this should not stop you from getting the wrinkle free face of your dreams.

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