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Modern Facelifts and their Efficacy

Facelift procedures aren’t going anywhere. The number of people getting a facelift in thailand or everywhere they are located is on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The actual lifting and pulling may not be as popular as the past, but advancements in technology are making “looking younger” easier and more common. The popularity of minimally invasive procedures is soaring and giving women a new outlook on life.

What Is It?

A facelift has been a popular procedure for decades leaving women happy with their youthful faces. In recent years, plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts have become even more natural-looking and efficient with more and more research into these processes with aesthetics clinical studies. Along with clinical research, today’s technology often takes away the knives and needles leaving patients with an even better feeling and a look they love in a quicker period of time. The skin is fresh, smooth and glowing. People of all ages often have these lifts to achieve the look they desire. Instead of looking like they do on a social media filter, patients turn to the newest Facelift technology to look like that in real life. If you are considering the Kybella treatment and you are located in Central Florida, call Aesthetic Lane to schedule a free consultation. The newest technology makes these procedures more effective by making them easier and quicker.

Modern Mini Lifts

These days it’s not all about the actual lifting and pulling of the face. There are lift versions that many people choose for a faster recovery time that still achieves their goals. These include the S-lift, mini lift, endoscopic lift, and neck lift. This is more of a targeted version of the popular procedure. Each surgery is more targeted so you reach the goal of the exact place you want to lift. Each patient gets to personalize their experience and feels more in control. Another positive for many that choose one of these mini procedures is that many doctors include complimentary procedures as well. They may choose to lift the eyes or brows along with a part of the face. This helps to minimize overall scarring and improve the skin’s texture. When surgically enhancing one part of the face, it’s common to need to work on the areas around it to ensure the work is symmetrical and looks natural.

SMAS Facelift

According to the world-leading facial plastic surgery expert Dr. Andrew Jacono, one of the most popular new surgical techniques is the SMAS facelift (also referred to as a Multiplanar Full Facelift Surgery). Many mini-facelifts tighten the muscle layers in the face with sutures. The SMAS procedure actually repositions while lifting the muscle layer of both the cheek and jowl. At the same time, the surgeon also lifts the muscles in the neck called the platysma. This procedure is usually done with there is excessive drooping in the lower third of the face. Many advanced aged patients also choose this type of procedure.

Deep Plane Facelifts

Deep plane facelifts are not as common as the everyday lift. There are not many people across the country that perform this type of surgery. Deep plane describes the anatomic plane between the deep layer of muscles used for facial expression and the muscle fascia complex. It focuses on releasing muscle and fat layers so they move easier instead of pulling the skin. Ligaments along the deep plane layer are released to allow tensions to freely move, so the face is not tight.

Thread Lift

The thread lift is minimally invasive perfect for people on the go or that don’t need their entire face restructured. This type of lift involves threads with small graspers being passing underneath the skin with a needle. The graspers take hold of the skin pulling and lifting it into a better position. The face, neck, and jowls look more youthful with this procedure but are not stretched to the full extent. The threads are now dissolvable meaning bacteria won’t grow on them as easily lessening the worry for infection.

Other Techniques

There is nothing that gets the exact same results as a full facelift… however, there are many other less expensive, less invasive procedures to help patients. If someone is struggling to pay for the cosmetic surgery they wish to undergo, there are financing options for plastic surgery available from the likes of United Medical Credit. Many patients are looking at different combinations of procedures to achieve the lift they desire. One of these high tech procedures is called radiofrequency.  Waves are sent to the skin causing tiny microscopic wounds that stimulate collagen and elastin production. This does tighten the skin as well, but also makes it smoother and brighter giving the effects of a facial as well as a lift. This is done in three to four sessions instead of one surgical procedure. Microneedling can be done in conjunction with radiofrequency, helping to promote Natural Skin Repair and reducing scars and wrinkles. Some patients just get Botox or fillers hoping for the same effects, but these do not last as long so they aren’t as effective as the newest advancements in facial surgery technology.


Before getting any surgical procedure, it is best to get a consultation with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jacono. You can discuss the results needed for your face as well as your expectations for the future. It is usually best to have some skin elasticity before getting a lift, but technology can help any age of skin. You also must be in good health before any surgical procedure. Put yourself in the hands of the best and know you’ll look and feel your best.

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