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Delicious Battered Fish with a Chance to Win Free Food

It’s always good to see how our brands performed in the ever evolving taste of delicious meals and here is one of my favorite meals…. famous battered fish with some potato fries, golden hushpuppies and home-style sides.

It costs you when it comes to eating out, however you may avail an opportunity to get a chance to win free food by sharing your fast food giant experience with a Long John Silver’s restaurant customer support area or participating in an online customer satisfaction survey.

Brands are always looking for customers who are interested in giving their valued feedback and sharing their experiences with them in order to understand the restaurant’s strengths and weaknesses.

Long John Silver’s customer satisfaction survey is about collecting relevant customer data or information like food quality, overall services quality, cleanliness, order accuracy, speed of services, value, overall experience, customer’s preference, tasty treats etc. through these questions Long John Silver can improve its areas of services.

Customer’s satisfaction is important for every business and determining what brands need to survey their customers is just as important. This customer satisfaction survey form is designed to evaluate a customer’s opinion, preferences as well as their criticisms plus this survey lets the customers rate or evaluate the quality of restaurant’s services as well. To deliver the highest level of service, this customer satisfaction survey will help Long John Silver’s easily understand the customers and their tastes and preferences based on their feedback.

Requirements (for survey):

  • Participant must be a legitimate resident of the United States.
  • Participant age must be 18 years plus in order to take part in the customer satisfaction survey.
  • The participant need to present a recent receipt or survey invitation from Long John Silver’s to fill the required store number and ticket number in a survey form.
  • The participant needs to have access to a mobile phone or laptop with an internet connection to participate in the survey.
  • You must be fluent in English.

Restrictions (for survey):

  • The survey is legal in all states of the United States including the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.
  • Purchasing additional products at the restaurant is not going to increase the chances of prize winning.
  • In case of false feedback with partiality and prejudice towards the brand, entry will be terminated.
  • Long John Silver’s employees, family members, sponsors, brand affiliates, subsidiaries, and promotion agents are barred from participating in this customer satisfaction survey.
  • Any act to tamper or disrupt the Long John Silver’s survey will be considered as a criminal or civil law violation.

Participation Instructions (for survey):

  • Participant needs to address all of the questions and make sure that you provide unbiased feedback.
  • Open any browser and visit this website  from your mobile phone or laptop.
  • On Long John Silver’s survey page you will find instructions, links, and other related info.
  • You can choose Spanish language as well as English to answer the questions or complete the survey form.
  • Participant needs to take out his/her order receipt in order to enter the information.
  • Enter the survey code and store number (located at the bottom of receipt).
  • Click on the “start” button on the web page to begin the survey.
  • Make sure you have filled out every field and completed the survey form.
  • Participant needs to provide his/her personal info at the end of website page or survey to receive a validation code for his/her free food reward.

A Brief Introduction about Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s is a famous American fast food brand with a chain of restaurants more than 1100 in the United States and worldwide. Founding date is August 18, 1969. The specialty is in seafood and famous for battered wild caught Alaska white fish.

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