Plumbing Problems: Are Your Kids Causing Them?

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It is understandable if you raised an eyebrow while reading the title and thought how on earth could my little angel be causing plumbing issues at home! Bear with us as we share a few common plumbing hitches and explain to you how that toddler of yours might be causing them without even being aware of the consequences, as small children seldom are.

Potty Training and Clogged Toilets: A Plunger’s Nightmare

When a small child slowly learns to use the toilet for the first time, you might have to plunge the toilet a lot more often than usual to clear out the frequent clogs. In case you are wondering why is there so much toilet paper in there each time you plunge, now you know who is doing it. It’s not their fault, of course, because of the following scenarios.

  • Your child needs more toilet paper as he/she is still learning how to wipe properly
  • The child may not even actually need it, but as it’s a new experience, he/she might be wiping a lot more than needed
  • The urge to tear up the paper and throw it in the bowl to see what happens could be overpowering the child
  • He/she might be disposing the entire roll into the toilet and flushing, on considering it to be too dirty after using it as a roll-on toy

The possibilities are endless here and unless you talk to them about the matter clearly, you will find out about the infinite nature of those possibilities in the most undesirable of ways.

A Child’s Curiosity and the Toy’s Nightmare

Flushing is fun for children in the early days, and they will often do it to just see the swirling water. Even when you have taught him/her about how bad it is to flush toilet paper, there is little to stop the child from letting one of their toys take a swim in the toilet. As they watch the toy swirl slowly down the toilet, it’s fun for them, but bad news for the parents and, of course, the unfortunate toy in question.

If you are lucky, the toy will be small and it will hopefully pass through to its watery grave, but if it’s that big rubber ducky, then you are in serious trouble. A plugged toilet can flood the bathroom and eventually the entire house within a very short time, so contact your local plumbing services as soon as you notice the clogged toilet and maybe even that yellow head of the duck that had no business being there! Sterling Plumbing comes recommended if you are in Columbus because they have over two decades of experience to back them up while dealing with any plumbing issues, whether it’s caused by your child or not.

Mistaking the Toilet as the Watery Garbage Can

It is perfectly possible that your child doesn’t see too much difference between the toilet and the garbage can, which is understandable, given that they are both used for garbage disposal, albeit for different types of waste! In fact, he/she may actually find the toilet to be a more interesting garbage can since looking at the banana peel, leftover fruit and vegetables swirl merrily down the toilet can be hypnotically beautiful to the child. Once again, explain the difference between the two as soon as you realize what is going on.

To prevent these issues, you either have to keep your children under constant supervision during the initial years or talk to them about each of their innocent but hazardous acts separately. Understand that you are talking to a child and do not get frustrated if it takes time for them to fully understand what you are talking about.

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