Pamper Your Pet With A Runyon Pet Bed From Brentwood Home @BrentwoodHomeLA

Pamper Your Pet With A Runyon Pet Bed From Brentwood Home @BrentwoodHomeLA

Deliciously Savvy received product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review and all opinions are 100% my own. Regardless, I only review products that I am interested in for myself and my family (including my furry BFF’s) and of course for sharing those reviews with my savvy readers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy! 

I am a huge fan of Brentwood Home and their amazing and luxurious line of products after working with them about a year ago. Brentwood Home has been at it for over 30 years and they’ve been making mattresses and home essentials with a team of local artisans and fabricators in Los Angeles from the beginning. Brentwood Home has been obsessed with creating products using healthy and ethically-sourced materials, all inspired by their love for the natural world and their home in California. I love love love that Brentwood Home is made in the USA and that they strive to meet and exceed their standards by using a combination of organic, nontoxic, and natural materials with no chemical retardants, phthalates, ozone depleters, or heavy metals. This is green living at its best and I just love that! 


Small Runyon Pet Bed in Charcoal


That is why I was so super excited to try out the Brentwood Home Runyon Pet Bed for my little furry BFF…. Chewey the Chihuahua. We chose the small size in Mocha for Chewey and I love that Brentwood Home not only creates fabulous items for your family to use but also your furry BFF’s as they believe that your pet is a valuable part of your family. It’s no wonder that you want a better bed for them to rest their paws and head on. The Runyon Pet Bed fits the bill perfectly as it looks amazing and provides an amazing pet bed for your furry family member to snuggle on. This pet bed is hefty and the quality is amazing. I love the fabrics used as they are amazingly stylish but yet durable at the same time. Chewey just loves his new bed and you will always find him snuggled up on it,  under his blanket. 



The Brentwood Home Runyon Pet Bed is designed for orthopedic support, easy maintenance, and classic style. The Runyon checks all of the boxes for the perfect pet bed. No matter if you’ve got a Yorkie or a Saint Bernard (or maybe even one of each), the Runyon will give them the support they need, and a sturdy place to rest their head and paws for years and years to come.


 Like Brentwood Homes entire collection, the Runyon Pet Bed is made with handcrafted detail and premium non-toxic materials for a durable surface that will last for years. You can choose from a range of sizes to suit your dog or cat perfectly, and find the color that best suits your style. With two layers of dense and supportive foam, extra beneficial for pets with sore joints, they’ll be rested and ready to spend the day with you and no doubt they will be loving their new Runyon Pet Bed.

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69 Replies to “Pamper Your Pet With A Runyon Pet Bed From Brentwood Home @BrentwoodHomeLA”

  1. Lucy Rapposelli says: Reply

    Would love to have this for my dog. I had one before, but it was flat

    1. I love these. My dog would to

  2. Linda Szymoniak says: Reply

    I can’t even begin to count the number of dog beds I’ve bought – and eventually had to throw away. There are some really cheap ones on the market, but this bed looks to be of amazing quality. I’m sure my pack would love it. I just adopted a sweet Coonhound girl (11 months old and full of energy). I’d love her to have the chance to try this bed.

  3. shannon fowler says: Reply

    this would be awesome for ours. He just loves his beds. His current one is getting worn out, and so he has been trying to sleep on our bed. It would be helpful to get him back in his own. These look super comfortable too.

  4. I like that they use organic, nontoxic, and natural materials! And the thing l like best is that they’re in the USA!

  5. I have 2 little dogs who would love to snuggle on this!! Very nice look to it!!

  6. These are so cute!

  7. Omg my moms dog would die for a nice bed like this and it’s the perfect size for her! 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance at winning this!

  8. The dog needs to write his own review. Otherwise, it has little credibility. Does the bed leave ample room to lick himself and to sniff his own butt? These are questions only a dog can answer with any degree of certainty.

    1. Man…. I wish my little Chewey could write it for me. I would have him writing on the norm 🙂 I am pretty sure though that since he runs to his bed every time he comes in from outside and is always snuggled up on it under his favorite blankie……. that he does really love it. Call me crazy but if he did not… he would not go near it. There is plenty of room as well…. Chewey is only around 5 pounds…. even my cat lays in there with him sometimes. Plenty of room to scratch and sniff until his heart is content.

  9. My six-year-old lab mix, Maverick would love one of these! Brentwood Home’s dog beds look much better quality than the one I purchased him from an off brand. I absolutely love that the products are made in the USA and are made with materials that are better for us, our dogs and the environment!

  10. Brenda Disimone says: Reply

    These beds look so comfortable !

  11. My dog would love…..she likes sides to rest her head on.

  12. Oh yes I do definitely. I have a fairly new dog and we call him “Charlie”! He’s a black lab and he’s about 2 yrs. old and we got him from the Pet shelter and we adopted him and gave him his forever home. Charlie doesn’t ask for love, he demands it. He’s adorable and I’d love to get him his own bed.

  13. Melissa Storms says: Reply

    We have a husky we are adopting tomorrow actually that a Brentwood bed would be perfect for. We already have beds for our chihuahua and our cat but have not picked up one for Rascal yet.

  14. My two babies would love these beds. They look like the are quality made.

  15. These look great! I love how they offer so many different designs to match your style. And they look super comfy too! Definitely going on my wishlist.

  16. Lucy Rapposelli says: Reply

    What a great looking bed. Looks firm for my dog. I so hope to win. Thanks for sharing this giveaway and the opportunity to enter

  17. this bed looks so amazing but i think my kids would take it from my cats…

  18. Elizabeth Ericson says: Reply

    This is great, would love one – thanks for the chance

  19. Happy dog, happy life!

  20. Most of our doggies have allergies so I would love to try this bed out. We have purchased many others and none seem to help or do the trick. Thank you for the contest!

  21. These look like really well made beds. I’m sure my dog would love one!

  22. My son and his 3 dogs just from Florida to MA. These dogs beds look warm and comfy!

  23. This bed would keep my fur babies warm in this cold winter in Michigan.

  24. This bed looks very well made- good quality. I like that it has orthopedic support.

  25. Thank you for your wonderful and thorough review. My daughter and her family have a beautiful European Shepard named Saber.This would be wonderfulnfor him. My SIL always looks for the organic for 1 yeard old Saber. Looks like Brentwood fits the bill for that.

  26. Saundra McKenzie says: Reply

    My 4 month old chihuahua Chloe has a $6 bed from Walmart. This would so great for her.

  27. One of my dogs passed away on bye and my other dog seems so sad. I’d love to win this for her

  28. Kimberly Benton says: Reply

    Banks would Love Me if I could get him this Beautifully made bed!! Thanks so much for the chance #Thankful

  29. Stephanie Bradley says: Reply

    I like the Runyon because it’s classy looking and comfy for my fur baby, she’d love to win one.

  30. Natalie Schilla says: Reply

    My dog would love this bed.

  31. Linda Manns Linneman says: Reply

    I love that this is a great orthopedic bed and it is made from non toxic materials. My son has a lab that has some bone and joint problems. This would be great for her. Thank you so much for sharing

  32. That bed is so dang adorable. My Chihuahua’s would love it.

  33. I love that they are organic, nontoxic, and made with natural materials and made in the usa. My dog prefers feeling surrounded when he sleeps so this would be perfect. He is a lab/mastiff cross so he has some joint problems.

  34. Valerie Chacon says: Reply

    This looks so cozy, my babies would love it!

  35. This is the best dog i ever seen.

  36. I like that they use organic and natural materials.

  37. This looks like such an amazing bed! The perfect way to spoil your favorite pet. I think ou rlittle Harley Girl would love this!

    1. We have a Harley Girl too…. well she is my brothers dog but they live with us. She is amazing 🙂

  38. Mine is already pampered too much

  39. This bed looks so great! My dogs would love it.

  40. I would love to send this to my sister in N.J. !

  41. I would love to get this for my dog she has problems with her joints and this would probably make lounging more comfy for her thanks for sharing about it!

  42. Vickie L Couturier says: Reply

    i think the cat would sleep in it before the dog would,,although if we didnt lift him into our bed he would not have achoice,,,lol

  43. Your review helped me decide which dog bed to get; and its this one. I want a bed that will last, provide ortho comfort in the older years. This one is for our “Princess”, for now and later.

  44. These dog beds look perfect for my dogs at home. I have yet to find a dog bed that is absolutely perfect for them. Thank you for your review!

  45. Christina Sparks says: Reply

    My dogs really need to replace their old bed and these one look really nice for them.

  46. OMG….I love these beds….I’ve been wanting to get one for my pitbull. She’s so long when she stretches out I’ll need a very large one….lol She’s praying she wins one. too…hahaha

  47. My granddog’s name is Chief. He’s a hound dog, and yes, I sing the song to him, lol. I could really use one of these for when I babysit.

  48. I would love to give this to my mom’s dog, Jack 🙂

  49. This bed looks very comfortable! I have an 8 year old Husky and he’s starting to slow down a bit. Just a bit! Husky’s are like forever 2 year olds! I wouldn’t change him for the world! This bed would be amazing for him. It would help his joints and muscles through the night and getting up in the morning.

  50. Abigail Schuette says: Reply

    This bed is so nice it’s something I would really love to have for my little girl Betsey and it looks so comphy talk about a luxury pet bed it’s awesome and Betsey works hard all day being my ESA emotional service animal I would feel so unbelievably happy if I could repay her with just one thing like this she loves to lounge and sleep she’s got a really cheap little bed off Amazon it would be so nice to get her something better she is the queen of bed lounging lol thanks for the insight and info Abigail Schuette

  51. Wow, I love how plush and comfortable this pet bed looks. I know our little Remi would sure love us to win for her.

  52. Marilyn Nawara says: Reply

    Very classy pet bed — love the sandstone color. Being an orthopedic bed is a huge plus — I have 2 older dogs that could really use that.

  53. Kathleen Tracey says: Reply

    What a great review. I am hoping to be able to get one of these for Marlow real soon. I know he would love it. I think it is great that they have a size for every dog. My dog is an Italian Mastiff. He is only a puppy but growing like a weed but faster. When he gets fully grown I will invest in one of these beds for sure.

  54. Bakardi and MeLady said they would be happy to share a Brentwood pet bed. Charcoal please!

  55. My sweet Lucy would love this.

  56. My boy Yuki would love one of these!

  57. Thank you for posting this great review. I have been planning to purchase a single bed for my chorkie and chiweenie to share.

  58. I would love to win this for my little “Caesar”! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  59. My dogs would love this and I like the smart style.

  60. I would love to get this for my sisters dog! Looks so comfy for him!

  61. This would be fantastic— I have a large dog, who desperately needs her own bed!

  62. My pets would love this so much!

  63. These are so cool looking! They remind me of ,what they use to call, fainting couches back in the 1800’s. I want one.

  64. My dog would love this so much as long as he has one of my T-shirts for a pillow.LOL.

  65. My puppy would love this!

  66. These are the nicest Dog Beds I Have Ever Seen. Me and my Dog Would Thank You..

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