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How To Throw A Wedding With Minimal Stress

Congratulations – you’re engaged! After saying a heartfelt ‘yes’ to your future spouse, you basked in the rosy glow of feeling completely loved and cherished and then . . . eek, it hits – you have a wedding to plan! Don’t let this daunting task become a burden that squashes all the romance out of your relationship before you have even tied the knot. Take a deep breath, grab a pen and notebook, and make yourself your favorite coffee. Yes, you will need to consider a venue, your guests, bröllopsfotograf, food, outfits and so much more but you have time! There’s no need to rush or let the wedding consume you. Not to mention, you have your spouse to rely on too as well as family and friends who are always willing to help. Enjoy the lead up to your Big Day, rather than stressing about it.

The venue

The venue has got to be the most important choice you’re going to make concerning your wedding day, as it has to cater for the numbers of guests you’re inviting, provide both indoor and outdoor accommodation to cover the possibility that the weather might turn from sunshine to showers and, of course, be a stunning backdrop for all your wedding photos! For minimal fuss, try to choose a venue that can do everything – be licensed for the ceremony, have catering facilities for your wedding feast, have a bar to provide guests with pre- and post-wedding drinks, and be big enough for the after party! It’s a bonus if your guests can also stay there overnight, to save yourself from turning into a travel agent for all your out of town relatives. Visit the venue before you book, it’s important to see what it looks like in real life. My sister went to see some wedding venues northamptonshire and once she’d seen the perfect venue in real life, she booked it!

The dress and the bridesmaids

After the venue, the dress is surely the next most important consideration when it comes to the big ‘I Do’. Of course, you want to choose a dress that is absolutely stunning, but cut yourself some slack by picking a frock with a forgiving material that won’t look wrong if you gain or lose a little weight before the wedding. You should also consider the groom’s attire too! You may be wondering how much does a bespoke suit cost, yet the answer might surprise you. Boring as it sounds, don’t neglect your comfort – remember that you are going to be wearing your wedding dress for hours and hours, sitting, standing . . . and dancing!
Start the search for your wedding dress plenty of time before the wedding itself. Search online for an unlimited range of options. Start at Ronald Joyce for more beautiful dresses to inspire you. Remember to allow time for alterations if needed. Choose a supplier who can also provide a wide selection of accessories – the perfect wedding dress deserves the perfect veil, belt, and jewelry. There is a lot to think about when it comes to wedding planning and of course you want to make sure everything is perfect for your big day. Many people do not associate this as being something to consider while you’re focused on picking the right dress. But it is important to think about purchasing either a wedding band or wedding ring for your partner. As you’ll be thinking about the jewellery that will accompany your dress, why not do the same for him too? Check out this website for some inspiration.

Now turn your attention to the bridesmaids. Consider that each one needs a dress, a shawl or wrap, accessories such as jewelry and hair ornaments, a small bouquet of flowers each, and will need their hair and make up done on the day (and perhaps a hair and make up test run a few days before). Save yourself the stress of multiplying these factors by six, seven, or eight, and limit yourself to one, two, or three bridesmaids. Think of the dollars this will save you too!
While on the subject of bridesmaids, choose one to be your go-to girl for a wedding SOS kit if you need a safety pin, painkillers, bobby pin, or an extra pair of hosiery. You will be so grateful you did!

Seating, food, and drink

Although it is very traditional (or, dare we say, conservative) to have a seating plan, consider whether you really want the fuss of trying to avoid sitting grouchy relatives together, or leaving your single friend at the kids’ table. Why not consider giving your guests the freedom to choose where to seat themselves – providing long trestle tables for a community feel, or round tables for smaller and more intimate groupings. This also saves you the huge hassle of writing out a ton of place cards.

Avoid the fuss and expense of fresh flowers on every table by choosing attractive table decorations that you can buy plenty of time in advance and store somewhere convenient, ready for the big day.

Instead of choosing a three course dinner for your wedding feast, a great option is to feed your guests a delicious hot buffet. This could be a lip smacking hog roast with all the trimmings, brimming platters of fragrant paella, or dishes of party fare such as tasty chicken drumsticks, crunchy nachos, and plates of shrimp. Guests will appreciate being able to choose exactly what they want to eat (and how much). An added bonus is that having just a few choices of food can also cut your costs considerably.

When it comes to the cake, take the stress away by choosing a crowd pleasing fruit cake that can be made plenty of time in advance and is sturdy enough to handle travel to the venue.

Have a hassle-free honeymoon

After all the wedding planning, don’t forget to save some of your budget, planning time, and energy for your honeymoon – the precious time when you and your new spouse breathe a sigh of relief that getting hitched went without a hitch, and you can relax for some well-earned couple time. As most newly-weds will tell you, the relentless planning, organizing, and jittery nerves (read: sleepless nights) leading up to the big day can leave couples pretty exhausted in the days following the big ‘I do’. Not to mention that the day itself – getting everything right during the ceremony, greeting all the guests, dancing the night away – can take its toll on your energy levels.

Choose a company that can take care of absolutely everything, from flights and transfers, to the special touches like champagne in your room, or a spa treatment, to save yourself the hassle of booking everything separately. Consider planning a honeymoon that combines a few days of rest and relaxation to recover from the wedding, followed by some fun and excitement after you have had a chance to recharge your batteries. By starting with some chill out time and ending with a bang, you get the best of both worlds, and can return home both rested and energized, ready to embark on your new life as a married couple.


  • vickie coutrurier

    been thru 3 weddings so far with my kids,,two boys and one girl,,,stressed is beyond the word,,the boys were easier than the girls,because I had to help plan the girls wedding,,

  • Stephanie Z

    I could have used some of this advice before I got married. A hassle-free honeymoon is great too. Relax after the big day!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I will never understand people who turn into bridezillas, lol. I mean, it’s supposed to be a happy day, don’t make yourself miserable, right??

  • Christina Gould

    Wedding planning is so stressful. I recommend eloping to everyone, lol. Thanks for posting!

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