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How To Save Money On Car Service

While owning a car comes with comfort and convenience, the cost of maintaining the car to keep it in good working condition is usually high and one of the major expenses in a family budget.

While regular service is essential in keeping the car working with minimal breakdowns, you can save some money on car service without skimping on it altogether. In fact, skimping on car services is usually counterproductive since you will spend more when you have a major breakdown. You can save money on car expenses without resorting to such uncouth shortcuts.

Find a good and reliable repair shop

Taking your car to backstreet repair shops because they offer slightly lower prices could be costly in the long run. You’re likely to have counterfeit or wrong parts fitted in your car when you take your vehicle to unscrupulous mechanics for services. These parts don’t last as long as genuine parts should and you keep making several trips to the garage as your car maintenance costs balloon.

You are better off finding a reliable and reputable garage with qualified personnel that do a good job once and for all. Some good repair shops have a warranty cover for their spare parts so you can have them replaced at no extra cost in case they break down prematurely. If you are looking to get a second hand car repaired as you are a car trader in a company or your own business, you could look into something like cheap motor trade insurance to be covered when driving or working on their customers’ vehicles or those that the company owns.

Know your car

You are likely to overspend or get ripped off if you don’t know the spare parts and the kind of service that your car needs. Sourcing a repair shop can sometimes be avoided if you get to know the different car parts that make up your vehicle. If you find that parts of your car aren’t up to scratch, looking on online shops such as Czok for repairs or upgrades on parts is much more cost-efficient than visiting a repair shop. As much as you can’t have the level of car knowledge that a motorhead has, at least know a few things about your car and the average price most things cost. You probably spent time looking at the best family cars before you decided to go for the one you currently have so what’s stopping you spending time to look deeper into your car?

You should be conversant on how much a minor service costs and the Firestone Oil Change Price since oil changes are a regular service that you can do on your own.

Take the chassis number of your car and go to a spare shop, they will give you an Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) that contains the correct spare parts for your car and the price for each.


You don’t have to rush to the repair shop for every minor car issue. With a bit interest, you can learn basic DIY car maintenance tips that could save you a lot of time and money.

Sometimes you wait in the repair shop for hours to have something that could have taken you 15 minutes to take care of.

You don’t need to go to the repair shop for minor issues like oil changes and replacing the air filter as long as you know the correct oil and spare parts to use.

Drive your car better

The way you drive your car determines how much you consume and the number of trips you make to the garage. You are less likely to get into accidents when you are a good driver who obeys the traffic laws and maintains the speed limit.

The way you accelerate and decelerate affects you engine and tires so if you are a rough driver, prepare to foot higher car service bills.


  • gloria patterson

    Very good information here. For me my dealer ship takes care of my problems. If I have a problem they go out of their way to get right in.

  • Linda Linneman

    These are some great tips. My son does alot of work on my car which saves me alot. Thank you for these great suggestions

  • June S.

    (How To Save Money On Car Service) Your basic car maintenance can save you a ton of money by just keeping up with it. My husband works on our two cars, his sister’s car and son and daughter’s cars too. Saves us a ton of money.

  • MD Kennedy

    Another pointer: don’t forget to regularly service your car. I’ve never had a problem with a car that I took to the dealership for a scheduled maintenance (usually every 8-10,000 miles). And documenting it has helped the resale value of cars I have sold!

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