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3 Ways to Keep Yourself from Getting Distracted While Driving

New moms are among the most distracted of drivers. There is a statistic that says “almost 10 percent of new moms have an accident while driving with their baby. This is nearly three times the rate compared to the general population!” We, as moms, have so many distractions in our lives that being able to focus on the road as we drive our little ones around becomes difficult. Especially if we are sleep-deprived, distracted on our phones, and putting too much focus on what is going on inside a car full of chaos. Distracted driving is the leading cause of car crashes. We have a duty to keep our little ones safe from harm. Knowing that distracted driving is the leading cause of car wrecks, one would hope that us moms would take action and do our part to do our best to keep us and those around us as safe as possible on the roads by making sure we get enough sleep (especially if we know we have some driving to do), putting our phones down as we drive, and making sure kids are occupied well enough before taking off on a drive. 

Get Enough Sleep

We know that sleep deprivation in new moms is customary and there is almost no real way around it. If there is no way to be able to get enough sleep before you take a drive, be sure to use all the precautions that are available to you. Studies have shown that if you are able to drink a certain amount of caffeine and then pull over for 20 minutes to rest (of course depending on how safe the surrounding environment is around the car and within the car) then it will help increase one’s alertness, but of course, only for a short amount of time. One should avoid driving at all costs if they know they have not gotten adequate sleep, especially if we have a car occupied by children. One could also potentially plan drives around peak periods of sleepiness. These all seem redundant as we know how difficult it is as mothers to get the adequate sleep that is required to function as a normal human-being; but it is necessary for us to do what we can as often as possible. 

Put the Phone Away

It seems like it would be very difficult, but one way we can keep ourselves focused on the road is to put the phone away! Not just putting it down, but by actually stowing it away as to not even be able to reach it even if you wanted to while driving. Try to make plans with people before driving off. If necessary, place the phone inside the trunk or glove box so it does not become a temptation. There also are ways to link your incoming phone calls and texts to your phone to send an automated message that alerts others that you are currently driving or in your car and are unable to respond right away or take the call. It is a good way to let others know that you will get back to them as soon as you are stopped. 

Don’t Put Your Focus on the Chaos

As moms, we understand that playing referee in the driver seat is not an easy task. Be sure to do all you can beforehand to ensure that any children can be occupied safely and happily for the duration of the drive. Obviously it is a difficult task, but if needed, just pull over and make any necessary adjustments. 
We do all we can as moms inside our homes. Be sure to do the same inside our vehicles as to not become a statistic like St. George car accident lawyer.

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