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How to Prepare for Your Schoolies 2020 Escapade

It is time to start thinking about booking schoolies if you are due to graduate in 2020. Online websites that cater to schoolies 2020 are available, and from there, you can start looking for a place to stay, party tickets, and merchandise. There are lodging and event venues for schoolies all over Australia. There are even organised schoolies in Fiji and Bali. Service companies offer total schoolies packages and are a one-stop-shop.

Here are some things to consider preparing for this much-awaited life event:

Venue and Event Type

You need to figure out the venue and the types of activities you want to participate in. Schoolies accommodation is in high demand, and the best hotels are quick to sell out. You can only celebrate schoolies 2020 once, so make sure you have the choice to do it your way. These are the best weeks of your life that you do not want to miss out on. All parties and activities are exclusive to schoolies, so you must book your accommodation and event tickets that are right for your preference, like beach parties, pool parties, adult nightclub parties, or wholesome concerts.

Whatever your preferred event is, make sure you spend it with your tribe or group of dearly beloved friends from campus. The best way to spend this memorable event is with the people you share common interests with. Also, make sure the event type and the event venue for schoolies are safe for all of you. You can reach out to the organisers and the venue host to know more about their safety regulations. Whenever you get out of control or intoxicated, make sure you have immediate access to first aid staff or a comfortable room that will give you the rest you need.

Fun Travel Destinations

There are travel destinations organised for schoolies 2020, and this is one great way to spend some time away from school and family. As mentioned above, you only get to spend this once, so why not make it a travel getaway that will symbolise the freedom you have been longing for. 

There are different types of activities organised in places far away. However, whatever your scene is, there is a destination that awaits you to celebrate your independence. 

Every destination offers its own unique experience for schoolies. The Gold Coast is by far the most popular, with more than 35,000 schools celebrating the Surfers Paradise every year. If you’re looking for an overseas venture, then Bali or Fiji is where you should be. Airlie Beach, Byron Bay, Lorne, and the Sunshine Coast are also lovely locations.

Book Online

Once you have decided on the type of event or travel destination you want in your schoolies 2020 adventure, you need to decide on which place and organiser you would want. There are many organisers online, and you should read about reviews or take a friend’s recommendation on which journey to embark on. The best is word of mouth advertising because that ensures you has someone who has experienced the event and not just some paid advertising testimonial.

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    It is great the there are so many destination and activities options available. Thanks for posting this!

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