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Keeping your Marriage Happy and Healthy

Marriage should be a union that is happy and healthy for both parties concerned. If you feel something is lacking in your marriage or feel that the fun has disappeared, what do you do, and most importantly, what can you do to get back to those happier times.

Reconnect and rekindle

Rekindle with your partner and reconnect doing things you used to enjoy doing together. Whether that was a sport, hobby, or simply going for a walk, take time to do something together which you no longer do. Small and simple things such as a night watching TV or your favorite movie with a takeaway often counts more than big date nights.

Less pressure and stress

Probably since you first got married, there have been lots of new pressures enter your lives, from new careers or jobs to children, and possibly even moving house. Life is stressful,and unfortunately, stress is part of everyday life. Even though you cannot completely eradicate stress in any marriage, you can ease the pressure. Reduce the level of stress you are putting on yourself, and perhaps even on your marriage, you will soon start to notice a difference.


Trying to tackle problems with your partner head-on can often lead to more problems and tension as you may struggle to get your points across without shouting or arguing. Seeing a counselor even once a week can help you communicate on a more even level, ensuring that both of your sides are seen and heard. What you feel can be quite a big problem in your marriage might not be such an issue when you break it down and talk it through with a counselor. Remove any ideas or thoughts you have of a counselor, and you will have a more positive experience. A counselor is not there to side with anyone, and they are not there to put you down; they are there to facilitate good conversation and good communication between two parties.

No Solution….

If you are still arguing constantly and are no longer having fun or even enjoying being together, you could be looking at the end of your marriage. If you have given all the options a try and can’t seem to be happy together again, separation and divorce are probably the best way forward. If you are both not satisfied, then an uncontested divorce in Orlando Florida, likeSean Smallwood P.A., is the way to go. Remember that divorce does not have to be painful if you are both on the same page.

Looking Forward

There are many things to enjoy, appreciate and love in life, including yourself, so don’t be hard on yourself if your marriage hasn’t worked out. You gave it your best shot, and now it is time to re-shift your focus onto other areas of your life and improve them. This could be spending more time with friends and family, traveling, or changing jobs. Whatever makes you happy, go for it.

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  • megan allen

    This is very great advice! Thank you for sharing! Marriage can be so special but it is a lot of work. One of those things worth the work!

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