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Checklist For Buying/Renting A Property

A shelter is amongst the most basic needs for survival. However, the modern era has sculpted this fundamental necessity for much more than just offering protection against weatherly and wildly attacks.

Today a home is meant to provide warmth during winters, cool summers, and provide a comfortable environment to relax. Subsequently, this brings us to the note that it’s not just about the bricks and steel that matters but a lot more when it comes to choosing the right property.

Luckily we’ve broken down the property search into simple checklists for you to follow.

Deciding The Location

No matter which state or city you work in, there are still many options for locating a property that meets your needs. Keep on reading to know more about how you can pick out a location that suits you the best.

*Checking Nearby Schools

Perhaps, for family people and parents looking for a home that is close to schooling facilities is quite necessary. For instance, you won’t want to send your child halfway across the town to attend school. Maybe, for security reasons, and of course, the time it takes for the commute. So, begin your search by checking out the locations that are close to academic institutes. 

*Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

Sickness and health go hand in hand. Perhaps without apt medical facilities, health is sure to decline. Therefore, you need quality healthcare options close to your residence, just in case you ever need to consult a doctor. So, make sure that there are hospitals or, at least, a healthcare clinic nearby when you search for a comfortable home. 

*Shopping Centers Nearby

When you plan to rent or buy a property, no matter for temporary or permanent reasons, you surely need to keep your supplies full at all times. And to ensure the same, you must explore the local market. However, the distance of the market also matters. For instance, if you are traveling miles to get your bread from the local store, it’s not worthy. Unless you’re super-rich or prefer solitude.

*Connectivity of the Property

Once again, how well the locality you’re planning to house your property at is connected matters a lot. These connections are about the local facilities, including schools, colleges, shopping centers, and of course, hospitals. The condition of roads and the availability of transportation are the things that you should inquire about before finalizing the location. And don’t forget the distance and time taken for your daily commute to work and back home.

*Landscape & Neighborhood

The location you choose should have great scenery and a pleasant neighborhood. This might seem like an arbitrary factor. But in the long run, these factors can affect the quality of life you spend at the location. For instance, you can go for urban properties like these apartments in Foggy Bottom, where the bustle of the city life meets the simplicity of history. The point here is, the surroundings of your home can affect your daily vibes, and consequently, your lifestyle. And equally, the neighborhood including the gentry in the district.

*Deciding The Budget

The second essential check is budgeting. Although buying or renting a house is a meaningful investment, you wouldn’t want to run out on other needs for your healthy survival. Careful financial planning, thus, becomes all the more notable. However, the choices you make can affect your budget. Let’s explore what these choices are.

*Available Floor Area

One of the most influential factors affecting your budget is the floor area, or as it is commonly known as, carpet area. Of course, if you need a large area to fit your belongings and your family conveniently, you may require to pay a little extra. So, when you ask for the total cost, make sure it includes the price for the complete area of the property. For example, if the house you are renting has a huge lawn upfront and a secondary dwelling unit, you may require to pay more in monthly rentals. Whereas, if you rent a small apartment, that misses on these additional features, you can save a lot and spend the same amount on other necessities.

*Ample Parking Space

Having a dedicated parking space is necessary since you’d surely want to keep your car under safe vigilance. But, the type of parking you get depends upon the type of property you shortlist. For instance, if you prospect an independent house, you may get a parking space on the front porch. Or you could also get a garage space solely to park your car inside. On the other hand, if you choose an apartment, you may get a marked parking spot, or maybe have to park your car at the roadside, near your apartment. 

*Check the Amenities

The next thing that affects the cost of your property is the added amenities. For instance, if your property has mainline gas and water supplies, you may require to pay extra. Whereas, in the suburbs, where such amenities are usually scarce, you may find a cheaper house. This is not just about gas and water supply, but also concerns the facilities such as internet availability, swimming pool on the property and security vigilance in the district. The more amenities you look for, the more you should be ready to pay.

*Who Will Manage the Property?

Lastly, who manages your property can also affect the value of your property, especially if you are to rent one. For instance, if your property manager is a company, you can expect the rent to be higher. But, having a licensed company to manage your property has its benefits as well. For example, they can provide better services and that too in a shorter period. So when you are deciding your budget, you should consider the type of property manager you wish to have.

*Deciding If The Property Is Liveable

The last thing you’d need to asses is if you can live at the property of your choice without hassle. A property with all the lavish additions is not liveable if it is crawling with pests or has moldy flooring. So, here are some of the assessments that can help you decide if you can live in the house of your choice, comfortably.

*Condition of the Property

The property that you are planning to buy or rent should have all the necessary furniture and fixtures. And that too, in the best condition. If your furniture or the bathroom fixtures or even flooring needs a lot of repairs, it surely is not a good investment. You’ll have to take the pain and get the necessary repairs done by yourself. Additionally, you should also check for pest and mold infestations at your property. Moving into a property that has infestation can jeopardize your health. Resulting in additional costs for medical bills and cleanup of the house.

*Crime Rate in the Locality

Safety for you and your family should be on top of your checklist. To ensure that your loved ones are safe, you can study the crime rate in your locality. And to help you find the necessary resources, you can contact the local authorities. Usually, the nearest police station can provide you with all the data concerning the recent crime records in your locality or nearby areas.

*Necessary Additional Permits

Another necessary assessment that you should consider, specifically if you are planning to buy a property, is to confirm the permits you may need. In case you plan to build new sections or modify the existing features of your property, these permits can be very crucial. Since every homeowner likes to personalize their home choices, it makes even more sense to confirm the permits beforehand. For example, one may wish to remove or add walls or construct an all-new structure on the property. Typically, every locality has some norms for homes to comply with structural and amenities related features. So if you are planning to buy a property, having confirmed about such permits can simplify your decision. And of course, improve your chances of living there without fuss.

The decision to buy or rent any home is a careful balance between location, budget, and the living conditions it offers. Missing out on any of these details can put you through unnecessary stress later. However, once you make up your mind about these deciding factors, you must consult with a real estate agent who specializes in the type of properties you are looking.

If you can follow these simple checks, you can pretty much land on to the right property. And maybe, you will gladly spend your entire life at the same location. However, skipping on any of these factors can flip over your moving decision.

Whether you plan to buy or rent a house, be it an independent property or a leased one, it does not matter as long as you can find all the necessary features in the same property. Although finding the right property is easier said than done, it can still be entirely satisfying once you find the home of your dreams.

 In the end, we wish you good luck with your home hunt and hope that you find all the necessary things that you are looking for in your dream home.

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