Feel Healthy & Live Longer With MyVitalC – ESS60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Feel Healthy & Live Longer With MyVitalC – ESS60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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I am super excited to share a product with everyone that I know and it is MyVitalC – ESS60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olivie Oil. I know what you are thinking… and you are probably asking yourself, what is ESS60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and what makes it so amazing?!? ESS60 is considered to be one of the most powerful antioxidants on Earth and it is basically raw C60 that has been processed for safer human consumption via MyVitalC’s formulation. Prior to the discovery of ESS60, there were only 2 types of allotropic carbon found in nature: diamond and graphite. ESS60 was added to the list in the mid-1980s and MyVitalC’s formulation of C60 was used in an original study that showed that ESS60 basically doubled the lifespan of rats. I found this to be super interesting which is why I had to check out and try MyVitalC for myself as I am open to anything natural that helps me to live a fuller and longer life. 

The idea of ESS60 has been around since 1985, but it didn’t really gain acceptance in the scientific community until 2012. What’s interesting about ESS60 was that it was on the verge of changing many fields of study, yet the biggest change turned out to be in biology. In the study, the researcher team bought C60 from SES Research and they processed the C60 until it met the exact specifications of ESS60 and then gave the product, in olive oil, to Wistar rats to test its effects. To do this they separated the rats into several groups. Some groups were given 1 ml of water, some were given 1 ml of olive oil, and the last groups were given 1 ml of olive oil with ESS60. Upon studying the rats’ urine, blood, and brain samples, they discovered something amazing. The rats that were given olive oil had a life extension of 18%. But the rats that were given the olive oil with C60 had a life extension of almost 90%!

Potential Benefits of ESS60 include:


2)Lower Risk of Heart Disease

3)Better Vision

4)Improved Mental Acuity

5)Lower Blood Pressure

6)Management of Osteoarthrtis

7)Increased Strength and Vitality

8)Protection of Nervous System

9)Improved Hair Growth & Hair Color

10)Sounder Sleep

& More!

The health and wellness benefits listed above are amazing right? Well let me tell you that after a full 2 weeks of taking MyVitalC ESS60, I am so much more energized and focused during the day when I am working and I am sleeping much more soundly. I feel pumped, energized and so ready to rock my day…. and the results for myself are speaking volumes. I am for sure always going to have MyVitalC ESS60 on hand as love how amazing I feel! 

So what do you think of MyVitalC and their ESS60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olivie Oil? They take care in ensuring that you are receiving the purest product and MyVitalC starts with the purest form of ESS60. ESS60 is systematically stirred in the dark at a controlled temperature with an inert buffer gas using only the best Certified Organic GMO-free olive oil sourced from olive orchards around the world. They finish the process by lovingly pouring ESS60 into medical-grade cobalt blue glass bottles, for protection from UV light. They then ship it directly to you! 

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