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Four Things to Consider Before You Move to a Bigger House

At some point, everyone has considered whether it’s time to move to a bigger house. It may be because you have a new baby on the way, or perhaps because you’re running out of space for your stuff. In many cases however, moving may not necessarily be the right choice for you and your family, here are some things you should consider before you start looking at bigger properties.

1)Moving can be expensive

Moving to a new house can cost a lot of additional fees, for example, for conveyancing and associated fees and even paying for removals can run into the thousands of dollars. It’s worth thinking about whether you can afford a big move right now, or whether you are better off staying put and saving for longer. 

2)Your bills will be higher

One disadvantage of living in a bigger house is that a number of bills get higher, including:

*Your mortgage payment – unless you move to a cheaper area, you’ll be paying a bigger mortgage which can make things tight

*Heating bills – a bigger space will be harder and costlier to heat

*Property taxes are likely to be higher, depending on the area

*Air con – in the summer, bigger houses tend to be cooler, but you may still spend more on air conditioning

It’s worth drawing up a projected budget for if you move to a new house, taking into account these extra costs, so you can decide whether you’ll manage financially.

3)You may be able to make more space at your current home

Sometimes, moving to a bigger house isn’t necessary, because you can improve your current space and make it feel larger.

Firstly, have a big declutter and think about what you really need in the house. When you’ve lived somewhere for a while, it’s easy for it to get cluttered in such a way that inhibits your enjoyment of the place and you can end up forgetting what you own. You could put things you want to keep safe into secure storage, so while they aren’t taking up space in your home, you are still holding onto them. 

Also, tricks such as choosing smaller furniture and using clever storage hacks can all free up some space in your home, meaning a move might not have to happen right now.

4)Look at options for an addition

Another option for those who want to avoid a move is to extend your current home. There are lots of options for adding an addition, whether you build on the back or side of your house or convert a room. The attic and basement are the first places people usually extend, especially if it’s already finished. You may also want to consider building a swimming pool in your backyard to extend your outdoor living space. Consider getting some quotes and then compare it to the cost of a move.

Sometimes, moving to a bigger house is essential, especially when you have a growing family. However, at times, a big move can be avoided by adapting your current home, making the most of what you already have. If you love your neighborhood and your kids’ schools, then staying put and extending or decluttering may be a better option. 

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