Bio Marine 4-in-1 Skin Care Set
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My Savvy Review Of Bio Marine Dead Sea Minerals 4-in-1 Skin Care Set

Are you like me and looking to keep your skin healthy and youthful as much as possible while you age? I have been taking care of my skin since I was a teenager. One summer when I visited my aunt she took me to a skin care shop while I was visiting her one summer and bought me my first skin care set. I started using it that day and have been a big fan of moisturizing and exfoliating ever since. Now that I am getting older… I find that I am in need of a really good moisturizer as my skin is noticeably drier than normal and with winter coming right around the corner it is more crucial than ever. This is why I have been on the hunt to find really good and effective moisturizes for my face, neck and eye areas and it’s the reason I jumped at the chance to work with and try the Bio Marine Dead Sea Minerals 4-in-1 Skin Care Set from the Dead Sea Cosmetics Shop.

Bio Marine

Dead Sea Cosmetics carries and exports top quality skin, body and hair care products from all over the world. They carry a huge array of Dead Sea Product brands that are made in Israel, like Health & Beauty, DR. SEA, More Beauty and Sea of Spa that include Bio Marine, Black Pearl, Bio Spa and Alternative Plus brands. I fell in love with the Bio Marine line of products and when I saw that they had a 4-in-1 skin care set that provided all of the moisturizing essentials that I needed… I knew that I had to try that product line from Sea of Spa. Continue reading below to see what is included in this must have 4-in-1 skin care set from Bio Marine and why I am loving each of the products.

Bio Marine Dead Sea Minerals 4-in-1 Skin Care Set

Bio Marine 4-in-1 Skin Care Set

The Bio Marine 4-in-1 Skin Care Kit comes with everything you will need to ensure your skin is healthy and hydrated all winter (or anytime of the year) long. You receive the Bio Marine Delicate Eye Cream, the Bio Marine Protective Day Cream for Oil & Combination Skin, the Bio Marine Nourishing Night Cream and the fabulous Bio Marine Firming Face Serum. Now let’s take a look at each product below….

Bio Marine ~ Delicate Eye Cream

Bio Marine

I am in love with this fabulous delicate eye cream from Bio Marine! It feels amazing when I apply it after my shower… and I can literally feel my skin drinking it up. Bio Marine also has a nice light scent that I love and the scent has a rejuvenating effect when I apply it. It comes in a beautiful jar and comes complete with a little spatula to help you take out the perfect amount for applying.

Bio Marine

The Bio Marine eye cream is a gentle and quick-absorbing moisturizer that is made specifically for the delicate skin of the eye area. It is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and this organic eye cream helps to keep the skin in the eye area smooth and it masks wrinkles and lines under the eyes and helps to delay the aging process which is everything to me! What you end up with is refreshed and rejuvenated skin that feels fabulous.

The Bio Marine Delicate Eye Cream is so amazing due to the Bio Marine Triple Effect Complex, which is based on a group of at least 27 essential Dead Sea minerals, Dunaliella seaweed and omega fats (omega 3,6 & 9), and all natural ingredients that provide the moisturization and skin care properties that your skin needs to lok and feel its best. The benefits of using the Bio Marine Eye Cream are huge……

*Helps delay the appearance of new wrinkles

*Keeps the skin’s natural and balanced moisture level

*Boosts collagen production while repressing its weakening

*Lessens the number of wrinkles and lines

*Leaves the skin around the eyes with a youthful, rejuvenated, and glowing look

*Improves the skin’s natural fight against free radicals

To use the Bio Marine Delicate Eye Cream gently rub and massage the eye cream to clean skin.

Bio Marine ~ Protective Day Cream For Oily and Combination Skin

Bio Marine

I am loving this Protective Day Cream from Bio Marine! It is the perfect moisturizer to wear under your makeup and it’s perfection for oily and combination skin which is important to me as I do not like a moisturizer that makes my skin greasy. This is perfection as it moisturizes and makes for the ideal base for my makeup plus it provides SPF-20 protection from exposure to the sun.

Bio Marine Protective Day Cream

The Bio Marine Protective Day Cream is a natural, full and fast absorbing day cream that is hands down the perfect moisturizer for all skin types…. even oily and combination skin types. This face cream is made up of the unique formula of Triple Effect Complex which contains over 27 minerals from the Dead Sea, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and Dinaliella seaweed extract which is renowned for its amazing effects on the skin’s moisture levels which means. your skin will look healthy and supple. The all natural and highly effective components give a light moisturizer which rejuvenates the skin, leaving it supple and fresh with a non-oily texture which is everything to me.

Bio Marine

To use the Bio Marine Day Cream you simply apply to a clean and dry face and neck. Apply a generous amount of the Bio Marine twice daily…. the first at the beginning of your day and before applying your makeup and then again at the end of the day after your freshly cleanse your face.

Bio Marine ~ Nourishing Night Cream

Bio Marine

This Nourishing Night Cream from Bio Marine is fabulous. It is the perfect way to end my day and a real treat for my skin. It simply feels luscious with it velvety texture when applying it and my skin literally drinks it up. I have to say I have never really used an overnight moisturizer before, as I always thought they were so heavy but man was I wrong. I should have started using a good over night cream sooner as the way my skin feels when I wake up after using this fabulous moisturizer… is amazing. My skin feels soft and fabulous plus my skin looks really good!

Bio Marine

The Bio Marine Nourishing Night Cream utilizes the same Triple Effect Complex as in the other Bio Marine products and that Triple Effect Complex is why I am in love with this skin care line. The Triple Effect Complex makes this a really effective night cream as it aids your skin in getting the support it needs against the formation of new wrinkles plus it strengthens the skin and keeps it at optimal moisture levels. The complex is made up of 27 types of natural minerals from the Dead Sea, now renowned as the richest source in the world of the minerals combined with omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. The end result is a fresher look to your skin that you will love. It also stimulates the production of Collagen which is everything to me and this collagen. production puts an end to any damages caused by impurities left in and on your skin. The benefits of using this night cream are:

*Aids in the prevention of the formation of new wrinkles

*Maintains the skin’s optimal protection and fights against free radicals

*Keeps the natural moisture level of the skin

*Builds up the skin’s natural moisture levels

*Provides the skin with a supple, rejuvenated, healthy and glowing look and feel.

*Stimulates the formation of collagen in the skin and stops its degeneration

*Cuts down on the number and lowers the severity of small and deep wrinkles.

To use the Bio Marine Night Cream simply apply the cream delicately to your skin until it is covered well. Repeat the application each night before going to bed.

Bio Marine ~ Firming Face Serum

Bio Marine Face Firming Serum

This is my favorite out of the kit as I have been in love with serums forever! Now… I love all of the products and honestly they all work together for optimal results…. but this is my favorite product of them all. It’s a concentrated serum that packs a punch and all with a delicate light texture. It feels fabulous when applying and does not feel too starchy with the firming action which I love even more as some of the other firming products I have tried in the past are super uncomfortable when using them… but not Bio Marine’s Firing Face Serum. It provides the right of firmness in combination with incredible moisturizing properties. This is perfect for all skin types too… even sensitive skin around the eyes.

The Bio Marine Firming Face Serum includes the amazing Triple Effect Complex that are found in all of the Bio Marine must-have skin care products I am sharing today and that are included in this kit. The Triple Effect Complex is loaded with vitamins and contains over 27 different Dead Sea Minerals and Omega fats, which are world renowned for their anti-aging effects on the skin. The serum permeates and engages into the deep layers of your skin, giving it the look and feel of firmness, tautness and a glowing look. The benefits of the Bio Marine face serum are:

      *Delays the formation of new wrinkles

*Bolsters the skin’s fight against free radicals and damages from sun exposure and aging

*Keeps a healthy and optimal moisture level

*Provides your face with a rejuvenated and glowing expression

To use the face serum simply apply the serum twice a day to clean, dry skin. I use the protective day cream immediately afterwards and then once fully absorbed…. I apply my make up.

Bio Marine 4-in-1 Skin Care Set

So what do you think of the Bio Marine 4-in-1 Skin Care set from Sea of Spa and Dead Sea Cosmetics? Are you like myself and looking to keep your skin looking its best and as young and supple as possible? Good skin care does not have to break the bank and this fabulous kit from Bio Marine proves just that. You get all 4 essential products to keep your skin soft, healthy, moisturized and healthy in this must-have kit and it makes then perfect gift for this Holiday Season too. Heck… this kit contains 4 gifts in one purchase if you choose to break it up and each product is boxed so that you can wrap them individually or simply gift the kit in the handy gift box that all of the pieces to the collection come on. Check out Dead Sea Cosmetics today and their entire line of Bio Marine products and more plu visit them on social media.

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