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5 Ways Savvy and Empowered Women Date Very Differently 

It’s no secret that dating in the 21st century is hard. With all of the games and mixed messages, it can be not easy to know what you want or get it. That’s why I’m so glad some women have figured out how to date more confidently and successfully. According to a reputable dating agency in Melbourne here are five ways savvy and empowered women date very differently: 

1) They know what they want 

When you’re stuck in a job or relationship that isn’t right for you, it can be difficult to find the energy and courage to make a change. But if you aren’t careful, those situations could last forever. Savvy women understand that life is too short not to pursue their dreams and desires (and no matter how high your standards are, there’s always room for improvement). 

2) They create a great first impression 

When you feel good about yourself, it shows. Savvy women do everything they can to build self-confidence and always make the best of their appearance—even on a first date. They know that looking sharp is half the battle when impressing someone new or getting their attention for future dates. On the flip side, if a woman isn’t putting herself together well, men assume she doesn’t care enough about herself (or them) to try harder next time around. 

3) They don’t take rejection personally 

When you’re confident, it’s easy to brush off the sting of a first date that doesn’t go your way. Savvy women know there are plenty more fish in their sea, and they won’t let one bad experience make them give up on love for good (empowered people understand this too). After all, when we allow others’ opinions or actions to affect us deeply, we can easily miss out on opportunities to meet someone wonderful who might value our true selves. 

4) They don’t play games 

If you’ve ever met someone moody, difficult to get along with, or inconsistent in their behavior—you know how much time and energy it can take to read between the lines of what they mean when they say something. Savvy women like myself understand that if we want to be successful at dating (or anything else for that matter), then there’s no room for playing games. After all, life is too short not to go after what you want, so why waste your time on people who aren’t ready or available? 

5) They don’t take themselves too seriously 

When you’re confident, it’s easy to laugh at your own mistakes and quirks. Savvy women know they aren’t perfect, so they make the best of a bad situation without dwelling on what could have been better when things go wrong. In contrast, empowered women care less about their egos and more about getting to know other people as well as they can, making them far more attractive in terms of dating or building lasting relationships with those who are truly right for the long term. 


In summary, when you have a positive outlook on life and know what you want out of it, it’s easy to date the way that works best for you. As long as we stay true to ourselves (and our standards), savvy women never feel like they’re compromising anything about how they decide to meet or interact with others romantically. 

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