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How to Choose the Best Decking Material for Your Home

A deck can serve as an ideal space to spend time outdoors without the need to leave the comforts of your home. It can also help improve the look of your property. Plenty of homeowners and home designers consider building decks to extend their living areas and provide them with a space to spend warm summer nights. Custom Decks can also turn into an entertainment space when guests visit at home.

But while building a deck can turn into a wise investment, choosing the right style and material can get complicated. To help you come up with the best decision, here is some of the available selection of decking materials that you can install at home. 

Why Install A Custom Deck?

Before you decide to call custom deck builders for your property, you need to understand the benefits of having one at home. As a homeowner, having custom decks can boost your daily outdoor experience and transform your vacant space into a tropical oasis at home. If you pick the appropriate design and materials, your deck can transform your extra space into a beautiful area with better aesthetics. Its added functionality will also make all your investments worth it. You need to know which materials to determine how much building a deck cost. Since desks can add value to your home, making sure that you will only use high-quality building materials is a must. 

Available Decking Materials

You can only compute the total deck prices if you know the materials that your deck builder will use for the project. If you are at a loss when thinking of custom deck ideas for your home, here are several options that you can discuss with your building team. 

*Tigerwood – This kind of decking material usually comes in different colors that match the exterior of most homes. Most of the time, this material is available in different color combinations, such as golden brown, reddish-brown, black, and brown shades. This gorgeous hardwood that comes from the countries in Central and South America has a reputation for being durable and long-lasting. Custom Decks builders also prefer to use this exotic hardwood because of its naturally resistant property that avoids rot and decay for as long as 30 years. It can also stand all weather climates, which is why it is one of the perfect materials used when making a custom deck. 

*Trex Composite – Another popular material used when building custom decks is the tree composite. Because it is a type of composite lumber, Trex is made up mainly of recycled materials like recycled wood, plastic film, and sawdust. When these three materials are combined, it will develop a plastic-wood composite that can become denser and harder than real wood. It is also fade and stain-resistant and can repel termite, mold, and mildew infestations. 

*Pressure-Treated Lumber – The use of pressure-treated lumber is also on the rise in the custom deck building industry. Most of this lumber comes from southern pine wood, but you can also find other wood sources in hardware stores nowadays. This material is also resistant to excessive moisture and insect infestation. If you plan to use this, you do not need to worry about rotten wood for a long time.

Final Thoughts 

To help you choose the right material for your custom deck building project, you need to talk to your builder thoroughly to discuss all your options. It will help you come up with a final decision for your custom deck design that will complement your home. Once you make up your mind, all you need to do is to wait to see the finished product so you can finally enjoy spending time in your new deck. 

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