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Give The Gift Of Perfect Cocktails With A Bar Above’s 14 Piece Stainless Steel Mixologist Bar Set PLUS Bar Basics Course

Do you love to host the occasional party for friends and family like myself? I love to have a party from time to time and when I do I have to ensure that I have all of the most delicious of finger foods to satisfy my guests needs plus the perfect cocktails and mixed drinks to enjoy with. There is something about hanging out together over delicious bites and satisfying adult concoctions that can turn any night into a truly memorable occasion where you can let loose, be yourself and really have some fun. Sometimes…. that’s just what I need and this year I decided to up my game by making the most delicious of cocktails for my guests and I can do that perfectly now because of A Bar Above.

A Bit About A Bar Above

A Bar Above was started by the husband and wife duo of cocktail nerds who started the brand way back in 2013, dreaming of a website that would help make craft bar education accessible to everyone. A Bar Above was created as a blog and YouTube Channel that quickly grew into a podcast, online courses, and their very one custom line of barware. All of the tools and equipment that you see on their site are custom-designed or hand-selected by them personally to be the best possible tools for the craft bartender or home mixologist. I know you are going to love A Bar Above as much as I do!

I was lucky enough to receive the A Bar Above 14 Piece Stainless Steel Mixologist Bar Set plus a Gift Voucher for A Bar Above’s Bar Basics Course which I absolutely love! You can literally gift this to anyone on your gift giving list that appreciates delicious craft cocktails and that loves enjoying perfectly crafted cocktails in the convenience of their own home. With the tools available from A Bar Above, you can do just that and literally give the gift of the perfect cocktail! Let’s take a look at the 14 Piece Bar Set I received and some highlights from the Bar Basics Course that A Bar Above offers too. Together they pair as the perfect gift for the Holidays or anytime the year!

14 Piece Stainless Steel Mixologist Bar Set

In this 14 Piece Bar Set from A Bar Above you get everything that you will need to create the perfect cocktail. I chose this set in the Stainless Steel as I love the simplistic design but this set is also available in different color options. It’s available in Stainless Steel, Gold and Antique Copper. Each set comes with…..

Boston Shaker Set

I love using a jigger as I can measure my drinks perfectly and feel like a professional bartender when doing so. This Japanese Jigger is the perfect way to precisely measure ingredients for balanced cocktails, each and every time.

Hawthorne Strainer

This is a must have tool when creating the perfect cocktail. With the Hawthorne Strainer you can strain shaken cocktails to perfection.

Fine Strainer

This is perfect when you need to do a super fine strain on your cocktail before serving. In comes the Fine Strainer which allows you to double strain for a super smooth drink.

Julep Strainer

This is the perfect strainer tool to use when creating stirred cocktails. With the Julep Strainer you can keep your stirred cocktails ice shard-free.

Bar Spoon

This bar spoon is the perfect way to stir your stirred cocktails. With the Bar Spoon you can mix, stir, and layer your cocktails with precision using this essential tool that is a must-have for both shaken and stirred cocktails.

Cocktail Muddler

This cocktail muddler is perfect for making mojitos and any cocktail that needs muddled ingredients to up your cocktail game. With this cocktail muddler you can crush and muddle fresh ingredients to release vibrant flavors in your favorite cocktails.

Cocktail Picks

These cocktail picks are the perfect way to add a stylish and functional touch to garnishing your cocktails with the six versatile and reusable stainless steel picks!

You can see that I made a delicious Margarita above. My husband and I love tequila and had a bottle on hand and decided to throw together a delicious Margarita and the bar set I received from A Bar Above ensured that it came out beautifully. My husband wanted another!

The Japanese Jigger was the perfect measuring tool for adding the perfect amount of ingredients into my cocktail.

The shaker worked perfectly at shaking all of the ingredients together perfectly.

The Hawthorne Strainer perfectly strained my finished margarita and the end result was a tasty and balanced margarita that I am proud to serve.

Time to enjoy!

A Bar Above’s Bar Basics Course

Now let’s talk about the Bar Basics Course that I received from A Bar Above. It is so simple to understand and follow and I will never look at bar tools and the talent that bartenders have in the same way again. After taking this course, I am loving the confidence that it instilled in me when it comes to making and serving cocktails and I can’t wait to host a party with my closet friends as we are overdo for a gathering. I am going to have to think New Years in a few weeks and use this new set from A Bar Above plus all that I have learned on the Bar Basics Course to show off my new skills creating the most amazing of cocktails all New Years Eve long!

This Bar Basics Course teaches you everything you need to know to make perfect crafted cocktails. It’s the Ultimate Introduction to Home Bartending Training and will teach you everything that you need to know about ingredients, flavors and now to get started making your own cocktails at home! You will learn…..

Learning the Basics and Putting Them to Practice

After taking the Bar Basics Course from A Bar Above, you will be able to make delicious cocktails at home for your family and friends, using the same barware as the world’s best bars.

Get Comfortable & Stay Knowledgeable

After taking this course you will not only know how to make the most delicious of cocktails at home, but you will also be more confident when out and about. You will be able to order drinks confidently at the bar, and know how to talk with the bartender to ensure that you’ll like them.

Create Delicious & Perfectly Balanced Cocktails

After you finish the Bar Basics Course from A Bar Above, you will be a master at cocktail making. You will be able to follow nearly any cocktail recipe, knowing that you’re making the drink exactly as the recipe intended. The end result….a delicious cocktail that is yummy and balanced and created in the comfort of your own home!

What You’ll Learn in This Home Bar Course:

This is a comprehensive, foundational course where we won’t just teach you how to make a few cocktails but will also go over why ingredients work together (or don’t) and how to put everything together.

Here’s what we’ll cover In this course:

*What is a cocktail? And what goes into it?

*What are all the different components? And what are the ones most commonly used?

*How to take all the components and put them together into great craft drinks!

*How to build your own craft cocktail bar at home.

*Making eight basic cocktail recipes with detailed ingredients and instructions.

So what do you think of the idea of giving the gift of the perfect cocktail?! Do you love A Bar Above’s 14 Piece Stainless Steel Mixologist Bar Set & Bar Basics Online Educational Course like myself? These two items make the perfect gift idea for a few of my favorite friends on my gift giving list this Holiday Season and I cannot wait to see what they think when they open it up! This way I can enjoy yummy cocktails when they invite me over and vice versa! LOL! Seriously though….check out A Bar Above and see all of the fabulous tools that they have to offer… including tool sets like the one I received, different educational courses and so much more. They even provide a Mixology Certification which is pretty cool. Check them out online today and visit them on social media too!


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