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A Culinary Tour of England: What to Eat and Where

When English food is brought up into conversation, the same usual suspects always get a mention — fish and chips, English breakfasts, roast dinners, Cadbury’s chocolate. When English food is brought up in conversation, the same usual suspects always get a mention — fish and chips, English breakfasts, Cadbury’s chocolate, and roast dinners (check out the Best Sunday Lunch in County Durham for this!). As good as these quintessential English foods may be, there is still more to the country’s culinary scene.

To know what English foods to eat and where it is best to eat them, head on the culinary tour below:

Chelsea buns, London

The next time you pay a visit to London, make sure to give a Chelsea bun a go. Made of dough that is flavored with lemon peel, cinnamon, and other mixed spices, this will be sure to satisfy your pastry needs.

Banoffee pie, South East

This sumptuous dessert is famed for its popularity in South East England. It consists of a pastry base, bananas, cream, and toffee — what’s not to love?

You can enjoy banoffee pie in many country pubs dotted around Surrey and Sussex. One such pub that you might want to consider paying a visit to is The Flintgate. Here, whether you opt for banoffee pie or not, you will always be sure that the food you eat is locally sourced and traceable. What’s more, you will be able to wash down your meal with craft beers that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in England, let alone just in the South East. Check out the menu on to see what takes your fancy.

Chicken tikka masala, West Midlands

If you ever want to spice things up during a mealtime in England, then opt for chicken tikka masala. This curry is the dish that most Britons order whenever they visit their favourite Indian restaurant — it has even been heralded as the national dish in recent years.

If you want to sample England’s very best masala, then you should head to Birmingham, specifically the area known as the Balti Triangle. Here, you’ll find award-winning restaurants that are all authentic and family-run.

Red Leicester cheese, East Midlands

Are you a cheese lover? If so, then you simply must try Red Leicester. This cheese is crumbly, it is orange with a reddish rind, and it is made of cow’s milk — most importantly, it is packed full of taste. It has a sweet and mellow flavour that only strengthens as the cheese matures. Unsurprisingly, at its very finest, Red Leicester cheese is found in Leicester.

Lancashire hotpot, North West

If you ever head north, then you should definitely give Lancashire hotpot a go. It is a dish that is slow cooked to ensure that the meat that is used, which is usually lamb, is as tender as it can possibly be. The meat is mixed with an array of different vegetables and is then covered with sliced potatoes. One thing is for sure, your cockles will be warmed when you try the North West dish!

If you are ever lucky enough to travel around the beautiful country that is England, make sure to give its finest local delicacies a go. Your taste buds will thank you forever if you do.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I’d like to have all of these foods, but that hotpot really looks good on a chilly night like tonight. They all look delicious.

  • Starla

    SO many awesome and unique places. I have only been to Germany once when I was a baby. I can’t wait to get my degree so I can travel more!

  • Barbara Lima

    I would love to go on a culinary tour of England!
    I love England, I haven’t been there in over 20 years.

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