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Wise Up To Your Wanderlust & Earn While You Travel

Wise Up To Your Wanderlust & Earn While You Travel

Almost everyone who is just out of college or taking a gap year before they even go considers traveling. It seems to be a bit of a rite of passage to map out a trail around the globe, visiting different cultures and ticking cities off the list, before settling down into a career and adult life. If you haven’t got the luxury of traveling young, then it stands to reason that you’d travel in later life, instead. The world is a big place and there is so much to see. For every white sugar beach that you sink your toes into, the sun kissing your cheeks, there’s a rainforest that’s begging you to explore it. For every museum that stands centrally in a historical city, there’s a wildlife park waiting for you to hold a koala. The wanderlust is so real for many people, and the need to explore and travel is right there on their itchy feet. There’s one contentious issue when it comes to getting stuck into world travel: it costs money.

Passports, visas, travel tickets, luggage, accommodation, insurance – it all adds up when it comes to traveling. For necessary vaccinations, you will want to use a service like pharmavaccs to ensure your world travels aren’t going to be hindered by preventable diseases. You can find plenty of articles that will tell you how to save money on your airfare and there are plenty of articles that will point you to one of the best rewards cards for frequent fliers. Utilizing credit card benefits to save money on travel is a common thing for people to do. You’ll also find a lot of articles that tell you how to save your cash for your dream vacation. You can even do something as simple as selling your jewellery to pawn shops, just to make some more money for your trip. It is worth a try. If you are new to this, it will be in your best interest to do some research into this, as there are pawning mistakes that people can make while going through this process. It is best to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your possessions and money.

The savvy traveler, however, will be thinking ahead. They’ll be thinking about how they can earn money while they travel and get the best of both worlds. Seeing the earth in all its beauty while earning some money is the ultimate dream; no roots, no need to stay somewhere if you don’t like it. Giving in to the wanderlust and trekking the globe is satisfying to the nth degree. There are certain jobs that can be found online that are perfect for travelers but sometimes the job that you do will dictate where you end up. This can go against the whole idea of finding your freedom; freedom doesn’t include being tied to your employment. Flexibility is key when it comes to globe-trotting. Of course, you could just save the cash that you need and go traveling, but the problem there is that the money will always run out one way or another.

There’s nothing more depressing than getting halfway through your adventure and running out of cash. Having to go home and restart your savings with your feet in the office but your head on the next flight to your dream destination can really drag you down. So, why don’t you think about ways that you can earn as you go? The world is a big place, with a lot of things that you can do. There really is no limit to your earning potential, if you’re just a little savvier about the choices that you make while you go. Below, we’ve got some of the best ways that you can earn money while you’re hopping from place to place. You can do them all or you can do some, either way, you can choose the best option for you so that you don’t have to go home and start all over again.

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It’s All About The Words

You may not be a writer. You may not be the best wordsmith. But you do have a story to tell. You are on the road or on the plane or on the boat, and you are seeing places that many dream of. You can make money by writing about the adventures that you have around the world. You can choose to write about each place that you visit, you could choose only to write about the beaches. You can even make money by writing about the food that you experience, like this writer has. Starting a blog to record your travels isn’t just a way for you to look back on what you’ve done during your adventure, it’s a way for you to add product links to your words and earn money for those clicks. You can recommend products and services that you trust, and as you build a following into your blog, you can watch the number of people who help you earn money grow. If you want some advice about how to start your own travel blog, then you need to read this link.

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Snap Happy

When you go traveling, it’s an inevitability that you’re going to be taking photos. Be it on a smartphone, a tablet or the latest and greatest photography equipment like the DJI Osmo Pocket, you’re going to be taking as many memories as you can home with you. You could make money as a travel photographer. The bad news, is that this one isn’t an easy profession to get into. The good news, is that you don’t have to be degree trained or a huge professional, either. You could have an amazing eye for taking photos and approach places that you’ve taken photos: such as shops, restaurants, bars, online sites etc, and sell your photos. Anyone can learn the basics of photography when they’ve got the right tools, ie, a great camera, at their disposal.

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Work, Work, Work

When you travel, you won’t necessarily be aiming to work on farms or in bars, but it’s exactly what you should do. If you enjoy working outside, then working on an organic farm could be an option for you. Check out WWOOF, as their roster includes tons of farms that are looking for volunteers. Don’t panic at the word ‘volunteer’, though, because places that need the help often exchange your hard work for a place to sleep and a day of food and drink. These things are important to the savvy, cash-strapped traveler! Alternatively, pitching yourself at local bars for cash in hand shifts is a good way to earn a little cash as you go. However, the farm work allows you to travel very simply – when your accommodation and meals are taken care of, you don’t have as much to buy.

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Those Who Can, Teach

There is so much potential for you to travel the globe if you can teach English as you go. Teaching English abroad is a great way of being able to see the globe, experience different cultures and earn cash as you go. You don’t necessarily need certification, either, and the blog I’ve linked here can tell you how you can teach abroad without it. You can simply offer your services wherever you go. Check out the local laws of where you are before you offer, but usually you can pick up some experience wherever you go.

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Vloggers, Unite!

You may not be a blogger – writing just isn’t for some people. However, if you are confident and are in possession of a decent camera with an online uplink, then you can vlog your travels as you go. Being able to review food or places as you are in them is a great way to gain as many clicks as possible. Do some practice before you get going, so that you can be confident with editing and uploading. This amazing YouTube channel is a great leaping off point to see how it’s done.

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Becoming a street performer may not have been on your list of dream jobs growing up, but it’s a great way to earn a little cash and stay on the move at the same time. You don’t have to be particularly talented; self-confidence and bravery are often enough of a challenge to keep you in meals for the day. Spend time on busking websites before you head off and learn the rules for each place that you visit. The local laws are important, here, as you don’t want to accidentally offend any cultures or people, and you want to make your performance relevant. And don’t forget, if you ever feel embarrassed, you’re moving on the very next day and will never have to see people again!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of ticking off all the places that you visit on your list. Being able to get creative and earn money from place to place can make sure that you are earning enough to see the next tick on your list. The world is a place that is crying out for people to see it and no two places are the same. We are now fortunate enough to have the means to get around the globe with little trouble, which opens up the entire world just for you. Take advantage of the ability to globetrot: it’s never going to be a time of your life that you’re going to regret. There are many who never get the chance to see the world, so if you get the opportunity, then you need to take it!

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