Getting Married in Surrey
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Getting Married In Surrey, All You Need To Know

Planning a wedding is an exciting adventure and one you may have been thinking about since you were tiny. But it can also be stressful, so how can you ensure your wedding day runs smoothly and without a hitch?


One of the biggest issues with weddings is the cost and making a budget is crucial.   It is an important day and one where you will be exchanging vows and committing to the one you love. However, you should be mindful that you do not spend so much that it puts you under financial pressure. It is useful to sit down with your significant other and decide how much money you will allocate to each part of the wedding. This will help you to not overspend. 


For the bride, the wedding dress is an all-important part of the day. Choosing the right dress can be tricky and you should take your time and choose wisely. There are several options, but it will be dictated by your budget. Getting a dress custom made is a great way of displaying your unique style and gives you the freedom to design the exact dress that you want.

If you decide to buy one off the rail, you can research online retailers and book appointments with high street bridal shops and try on as many different ones as you can until you find the one you love. You should start the process early to avoid disappointment. 

Hair and make-up

There are lots of different wedding hairstyles to choose from, so why not make a scrapbook of styles that you find in magazines to inform your choice. You can search for hairdressers in Surrey to find a salon that offers wedding services and make an appointment to discuss options. Take along any bridesmaids you are planning on having so you can get an idea of different styles to suit each person. 

You could contact a mobile beautician to discuss make-up options for the big day so why not plan your wedding make-up for the ultimate wedding day treat. And add in some pampering such as massage or facial to ease those wedding day nerves. 


The wedding venue is normally the most expensive aspects of the big day, so it is important to compare prices and visit venues for a tour and discussion of what they offer. The venue will be dependent on what theme you choose for the day. If you decide to invest in the fairy tale wedding of your dreams, you could consider hiring part of a castle that offer wedding packages if it is in your budget. There are many wonderful venues with picturesque surroundings and stunning interiors. 

For a more modest option why not try a festival style wedding? Festival weddings are generally inexpensive and relaxed, and they providing an opportunity for something unique. You can create a wonderful friendly atmosphere with a bonfire and music. You can throw away formal dining and have a BBQ or buffet style food. There is no end to options; there are no rules in festival weddings making it a great choice for creatives and perfect for smaller gatherings. 

Planning a wedding should be fun but not overwhelming and it marks the beginning of a beautiful union. 

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  • megan allen

    One of these days we will eventually get married! Thanks for these very helpful tips and advice. We will definitely have a wedding on a budget!

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