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What’s the Best Smokeless Fire Pit for Camping?

Backyard entertaining is more fun with a relaxing, smokeless fire pit. It also adds ambiance and is a focal point for all outdoor fun activities, especially at night. A smokeless fire pit is great for camping as it is portable, easy to set, and is durable. It also comes with a lengthy warranty period for quality assurance. Wood burning, propane, and gel-fueled logs are not ideal for camping as they produce smoke and smell that may be offensive to some people.

 What to consider when choosing a fire pit

1. Space

For big backyard spaces, one may consider the large fire pits available in the market, but a portable, smokeless fire pit is ideal.

2. The base of the firepit  

Brick, concrete, stone, or any other non-combustible material is ideal for durability. 

3. Budget

A costly fire pit has additional features and most people prefer that though it is a bit costly. One should opt for a fire pit depending on their preferences and budget.

   4. Uses

Some people host parties and gatherings throughout the year, and they may prefer outdoor parties. Over a large fire pit, one may also barbeque and cook hotdogs and other snacks making it easy to host a party. One should also opt for such smokeless fire pits to enhance the ambiance in the backyard, and generate warmth at night or during cold weather.

 Firepit Accessories

The firepit accessories differ depending on the type. Some of the fire pit accessories are the tank covers, natural gas kit, carry bag, and glass wind guard. 

A smokeless fire pit is popular for camping and other outdoor events because of the following reasons;

*Has better fuel efficiency

*Reduces smell

*Ideal for windy weather

*Stealthy and creates minimal mess 

*Burns consistently

There are many brands of smokeless fire pits, and one may find it challenging to choose the best. Below are some of the factors to consider when selecting a smokeless fire pit.

·  Material

The best material for smokeless fire pits should be enamel or powder-coated steel. Stainless steel is also ideal as it is not prone to rust hence more durable. Though copper and iron are still heavy metals ideal for smokeless fire pits, they rust fast.

·  Fire Pit build

Some of the things to consider are the ashtrays and their easy to empty capability, carrying cases, and the handles. Geometric shape and design are other tips to help you choose an attractive and ideal fire pit for your backyard.

·  Portability

Having a carry bag and opting for a lightweight smokeless fire pit makes it easy to carry around when camping. It is also easy to store while not in use. Another advantage of opting for a portable fire pit is that you can move locations to suit the event and your preferences.

·  Easily adjustable

High tech smokeless fire pits have vents at strategic locations to enhance airflow and keep the fire burning consistently. Check for the adjustable knob and its operations first before buying a smokeless fire pit to get the best.

·  Ease of operation

Some fire pits require assembling and a source of power before use. All these factors make the setup challenging and are not ideal for camping. Through research, one can identify an easy-to-use smokeless fire pit. Auto-ignition makes it easier to operate a smokeless fire pit and is the main feature to look out for when choosing a fire pit.

·  Permits and approvals

Depending on your residential area, one may require a permit to own a fire pit, especially when there are fire bans by the local authority.

·   Gas converter

Some smokeless fire pits come with a natural gas converter hose that makes it possible to use other fuels. Fire pits use propane, but if one has the natural gas converter hose, they may use any fuel because the gas converter makes it compatible with the fire pit.

Depending on the above factors, one may choose the most appropriate smokeless fire pit. Some of the best brands currently are:

·         Fireside outdoor pop-up

·         solo stove bonfire fire pit

·         Outland fire bowl

·         Flame Genie

·         Breeo

Whichever smokeless fire pit one opts for, they should consider maintenance tips to enhance its durability. 

 Firepit Care and maintenance tips

·  Follow the right fire extinguish procedure

One should allow the fire to die down without using water or other means to extinguish it after use. Such methods can damage the fire pit structure and appearance.

·   Clean the ash catch system regularly.

The amount of ash depends on the fuel you use. But ideally, smokeless fire pits produce minimal ashes so clean up is easy after use. One should also check the grate regularly to ensure there is no clogging before storage. Covering the smokeless fire pit before storage helps to prevent rust

·   Repaint regularly

The ideal paint is high-temperature paint as it is heat resistant and will help to maintain the glossy finish.

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