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5 Delicious Cuisines to Try Yourself

Food is one of the most universally loved things in the world and because the world is so varied, there is a great variety of different foods the world over. This means that, even if you love food, there are many, many distinct kinds of food that you’ve likely never tried. Don’t despair though, this is brilliant news, there are so many wonderful food experiences to be had and the more cuisines that exist, the more that wait for you to try them. This article aims to suggest a handful of potential cuisines that, if you haven’t already, you really should try if you are a lover of good food.

1. Thai

Traditionally, Thai cuisine can be broken into four categories: tom, yam, tam and gaeng. These styles are each incredibly enjoyable in their own right. Additionally, the clear divisions in tradition Thai cuisine means there isn’t much crossover in style, which differentiates Thai-style food from other cuisines.

2. Korean

Largely based on rice and vegetables, Korean cuisine is one of the healthier and more interesting cuisines you are likely to try. Their use of sauce and side dishes to define their various meals gives a unique style to most Korean-style dining experiences – you won’t be able to truly understand what it is like to eat Korean cuisine until you’ve experienced it.

3. South African

South African cuisine can be an interesting one to engage with. Mostly revolving around deliciously prepared meats either roasted over a braai or dried to perfection as savory snacks, South African cuisine can be thought of as top-notch when it comes to meat preparation.

Sourcing these meats and the other ingredients that go into properly producing authentic South African cuisine can be difficult in other countries, which is why companies such as Oil and More are so convenient.

4. Japanese

Finally, Japanese cuisine is one of the most unique in the world, from sushi to unagi, there is no shortage of unique and delicious flavors in play when it comes to Japanese food. Sushi is likely the best known of all Japanese foods and usually refers to pressed rice with a piece of raw fish or shellfish on top. In addition to sushi, sashimi is another interesting style of Japanese cuisine wherein the rice is done away with and raw fish is simply sliced into small pieces that are easy to eat.

5. Greek

Like many Mediterranean cuisines, Greek food uses generous amounts of olive oil and wine in the preparation of its common dishes. However, these dishes are some of the most delicious iterations of Mediterranean cuisine that you are ever likely to sample. The popularity of Mediterranean & Greek foods have brought forth lots of on-the-go greek food options like those from this greek food astoria restaurant that you can enjoy anytime of day.

Traditional Grecian moussaka, for example, is simply to die for. The dish is made of sautéed aubergine and minced lamb combined with a plethora of other ingredients to give a truly exceptional culinary experience. Greek cuisine also heavily features olives, fish and honey, making their common meals some of the most flavorful and exotic in the world.

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